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FC Bayern – Leon Goretzka defends himself: “Players are completely destroyed in the media”



FC Bayern – Leon Goretzka defends himself: “Players are completely destroyed in the media”

Bayern Munich midfielder Leon Goretzka complained about the reporting after his team’s 2-0 win over Hertha BSC: Players were “completely destroyed in the media”. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic then also commented on this topic.

“Of course there is a lot of noise in the club,” said Goretzka when asked about the current crisis, as well as about the upcoming supervisory board meeting, at which reports say CEO Oliver Kahn could be put to the test.

“Players are completely destroyed by the media. That certainly doesn’t help us, but we’ve all been around long enough to know that that’s part of it.”

The 28-year-old didn’t want to explain his accusation in more detail, but he didn’t relate it to himself: “One or the other has gotten a little more in the last few weeks. We’ll give the answers on the pitch. Otherwise it won’t do anything anyway, We’ve all learned that by now.”

The team “simply has to put up with a lot right now because of the current sporting descent. It doesn’t matter whether that’s right or not. But it’s not nice,” emphasized Goretzka.

When asked about the media coverage, his sports director said: “I have to admit: I don’t read much. We are all well advised not to read so much. We have not covered ourselves with glory, as far as that is concerned.” However, he does not know exactly what Goretzka is referring to with his criticism.

“We are well advised to be self-critical,” said Salihamidzic: “Everyone has to be able to deal with it in the phases in which we haven’t achieved our goals for the season.” But he also emphasized: “We always put ourselves in front of the team.”