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FC Bayern – Mario Basler attacks Joshua Kimmich: “Like a little child”



Joshua Kimmich went down with FC Bayern against Leipzig.

Even a few days after FC Bayern lost 3-1 at home to RB Leipzig, things are still going well for the record champions. Now Mario Basler also spoke up and took on Joshua Kimmich first and foremost.

According to Basler, who worked for FC Bayern himself from 1996 to 1999, Joshua Kimmich is by no means a leading player for the record champions. “You need men who know what you’re doing. I didn’t see any men on the pitch in Munich on Saturday night. I saw a team that was completely without a leader,” Basler explained in his podcast “Basler ballert”.

Basler also said that he would accept an alleged offer from FC Barcelona for Kimmich “as soon as possible”: “I would take him to Barcelona with the wheelbarrow.”

Kimmich “again didn’t get it right against RB to become the leading player in such an important game”. And further: “When I see his interview, how he stands there after the game, like a little kid.”

But Basler wasn’t finished at that point and added: “He’s just not the great player he says he is. He’s an excellent player, but for me he’s completely overrated.” He wants to do everything on the pitch, wants to be a playmaker. He shoots every standard situation “that doesn’t do anything at all”. However, at least the latter is easy to refute.

Basler: FC Bayern plays “Larifari football”

However, Basler spoke not only about Kimmich, but also about his teammates. According to Basler, Bayern lack the “character players”. “They play Larifari football. It’s that arrogance” they showed after beating Leipzig 1-0. And: “That’s why they don’t become German champions. There has to be a punishment for that. And the punishment is that Borussia Dortmund becomes German champions.”

Coach Thomas Tuchel, on the other hand, is not to blame, according to Basler: “He took over a team that, in my opinion, was already devastated. They didn’t have any leading players.” Because: “I think that other people are responsible for it. You have to involve the players and not always just the coach.”

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