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FC Bayern – MLS coach reveals: Premier League clubs rejected Alphonso Davies



Alphonso Davies has been rejected by PL clubs.

Rising star Alphonso Davies might never have ended up at Bayern Munich if Premier League clubs had listened to Adrian Heath’s advice.

Heath, who played over 200 games for Everton in the 1908s, has been a MLS coach since 2011, first at Orlando City and now at Minnesota United. According to his own statement, he pointed out the special talent of the Canadian Davies early on in his home country.

“When Alphonso Davies came over here I told four or five clubs in England to bring him in but they said no,” Heath explained Daily Mail. Heath did not reveal which clubs were involved.

In the 2018 season, Davies made his breakthrough with the Vancouver Whitecaps, in 31 games the winger, who was still used on offense at the time, scored eight goals and provided ten assists.

FC Bayern finally took action and brought Davies to Germany on January 1, 2019, and Munich spent ten million euros on him. Davies found a place as a left-back in the Bayern team under Niko Kovac, where he has since developed into a top performer.

His rapid development faltered a bit last season, and Davies was out for several months due to a corona infection and subsequent heart muscle inflammation.

Heath: ‘Andrea Pirlo wasn’t a fool’

For Heath, the then negative attitude of the English clubs towards Davies was also due to the reputation of the MLS.

“There’s still a perception that European players come here to end their careers. Maybe years ago they could, but today it’s not that easy,” said Heath: “Andrea Pirlo wasn’t a fool, but he was It’s tough, and look at Zlatan Ibrahimovic. A lot of people said he was going to leave here. He went back to AC Milan, won the Serie A title and now at 40 he’s got a new contract.”