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FC Bayern Munich: “Absolutely stupid”



FC Bayern Munich: "Absolutely stupid"

FC Bayern Munich beat VfL Wolfsburg 4-2 in the Bundesliga. Two referee decisions after the game gave rise to discussion. Including the dismissal for Joshua Kimmich.

“Absolutely stupid,” commented Kimmich DAZN his push, which led to the first yellow card: “I let myself be carried away and provoked a bit.” A foul against Maxi Arnold in the second round resulted in the second warning and thus the dismissal. “Of course, Maxi knows that I’m chasing him and he slows down a bit, slows down and wants me to step up,” explained the midfielder: “I don’t see that I somehow pulled his jersey or his arm pulled.”

That’s why the 27-year-old described the situation as “very little” and the referee shouldn’t have necessarily shown a yellow card. “In the situation, I was already focused on not wanting to commit a foul,” he explained of his intention in a duel. Then Bayern had to act outnumbered for over half an hour.

Maxi Arnold also rated the scene as a “normal duel”, but also showed understanding for the referee. “There are worse things in the world,” he commented nonchalantly. The Wolfsburg player didn’t aim to provoke the dismissal, but tried to gain an advantage. After all, he’s not the fastest.

Julian Nagelsmann on the disallowed goal: “On the ball three hours before”

“It’s just the way it is, I don’t care in the end,” said Julian Nagelsmann when asked whether the referee’s decision was correct: “He’s holding it a bit and there’s a certain dynamic.” In this respect, he accepts the dismissal.

The coach had less understanding for the long wait after Yannick Gerhardt’s disallowed goal in the 83rd minute. “I saw right away that it was a foul,” said Nagelsmann: “I don’t know what it takes 15 minutes, but it was relatively obvious that it was a foul.” Leon Goretzka was “on the ball three hours earlier”. The international was knocked down by Ridle Baku before Gerhardt scored the disallowed 3:4 for Wolfsburg.