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FC Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann comments on the interview with Manuel Neuer



FC Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann comments on the interview with Manuel Neuer

Julian Nagelsmann commented on Manuel Neuer’s statements before FC Bayern Munich’s duel with VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. “From my perspective, I would not have given the interview,” explained the FCB coach DAZN.

“Precisely because it also reads that the club is in the foreground,” said Nagelsmann: “That doesn’t exactly help to calm things down.” Otherwise, the 35-year-old referred to Oliver Kahn, who made a “very, very good statement”.

“I had a good conversation with Manu, those responsible also had a good conversation with him in private, where we addressed and explained things,” said Nagelsmann: “I also think the path I chose Not to make it public, to give the reasons why the breakup happened, was the right thing to do in my opinion.” At the press conference after the Wolfsburg game, he also confirmed this attitude in relation to Neuer. In conversation with him, he “disclosed everything” and will continue not to choose the public path.

He is a “person in need of harmony and my door is never closed, even if I had chosen a different path”. However, Neuer is currently “not having an easy time, because of the decision, but also because of his injury”. However, the coach dodged the question of whether the multiple world goalkeeper would remain captain. “In general, I’ve emphasized that many times, he’s the best goalkeeper in the world and I hope he comes back healthy,” he said: “Everything else is a dream of the future.”

Thomas Müller also commented on the Neuer Causa. “We are in daily contact. We see him every day in rehab. A few things have happened. Everyone has their own opinion on that. We players don’t let that influence us. I always think it’s good “when there is a stir about FC Bayern. That means that the players and the club are still interesting enough that they are used for big stories. We want that too. But if we switch to something really serious, of course we want to go along sporting things dominate the media,” he said after the 4-2 win against Wolfsburg.

Nagelsmann also commented on the criticism that the players had too much influence on the line-ups: “I always exchange ideas with players, I’ve done that before, not just at Bayern. At Bayern, the exchange is perhaps a bit more important .” However, he emphasized that he had the right to “not only extinguish fires, but also to be a coach”. The final decision is always made by the coach, “even if I like to hear every opinion”.