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FC Bayern Munich – Julian Nagelsmann expresses suspicion in the mole affair



FC Bayern Munich – Julian Nagelsmann expresses suspicion in the mole affair

Coach Julian Nagelsmann spoke before his FC Bayern game at Bayer Leverkusen about the mole affair and expressed a suspicion as to who could have passed on the cabin internals to the media.

During the week she had Picture-Zeitung published the match plan before the Bundesliga game against VfL Bochum (February 11). It showed what tasks Nagelsmann had assigned to his players. Before the Leverkusen game, however, he emphasized that the breach of trust probably did not come from an FCB professional.

“I never said it was a player. The probability is close to zero that it is a player,” explained Nagelsmann DAZN and suspected that the mole could be someone close to the team.

In addition, the 35-year-old made it clear that it was “more than borderline behavior”: “It’s just absurd.”

Nagelsmann had already shown annoyance at the obligatory press conference before the match in Leverkusen. “Moles are under species protection, so the search is very, very complicated,” he said jokingly and then added with a serious expression: “It’s important to me that I can look in the mirror. That person won’t be able to look very well in the mirror because it’s not proper.”

He is “angry” because “the person who passes something on harms every single player, that’s not in the spirit of the matter,” said Nagelsmann. He thinks “a lot about it because I ask myself: what is the purpose of the person who is passing it on, what is he hoping for? The motive is not clear to me.”