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FC Bayern Munich – Julian Nagelsmann mighty eaten! The full text of the press conference after the bankruptcy in Augsburg



FC Bayern Munich – Julian Nagelsmann mighty eaten!  The full text of the press conference after the bankruptcy in Augsburg

Coach Julian Nagelsmann was visibly pissed off at the press conference after FC Bayern’s 0-1 draw in Augsburg. The PC in the wording.

After the first defeat of the season, sports director Hasan Salihamidzic found clear words and harshly criticized the team.

Julian Nagelsman

… about the game: “Congratulations to Enrico (Maaßen; editor’s note) and to FCA for beating us. I’ll keep it short. When I look at the statistics, it’s basically the case that we have to win the game. If we handle the situations – like the standard situation (when conceding a goal; editor’s note) – defending to the end, then there is no danger of scoring many goals in the second half. It was very difficult after the 0-1. We scored in the first and in the second half we let a lot of chances flow out of the stadium – with a very large majority, with an extremely large amount of space behind the chain. We could have used the space well with simple means, but we gave away a lot of superior numbers and were very laissez-faire in the final Third played. Congratulations, good luck to you and that’s it from me. Thanks.”

Although Nagelsmann did not want to comment further, the next question followed immediately.

…on FCA’s risk-taking and Sadio Mané: “I’m not talking about individual players now, I do that in the dressing room. I wasn’t very surprised. There are always differences between what I tell you and what I tell the team. I have the first ten minutes from Leverkusen against Augsburg and also Bremen. I have prepared different orders. Especially since I know what the opponent is planning when I see the line-up.”

… on the importance of the current trend: “Nothing good. What can I say? (on request; editor’s note).”

Julian Nagelsmann: “It doesn’t matter what I answer”

… to the question of what needs to change: “A lot. We have to use four one-on-ones against the goalkeeper to win games. If we don’t do that, we don’t win. It’s actually quite simple. When the opponent presses so high, you have to use the space play behind the chain. If we don’t do that and don’t defend situations completely to the end… I’ll think about it and then we’ll see how it goes.”

…on the debate that a centre-forward is missing from the squad following the departure of Robert Lewandowski: “What does it matter if I say: No? And what does it matter if I say: Yes? We substituted the classic nine with Choupo-Moting on the bench today and we don’t have another one. It doesn’t really matter what I answer now. If I say no, then it says: ‘He doesn’t recognize the problem’. If I say yes, then everyone writes: ‘He misses Lewandowski’. It doesn’t matter what I answer.”

… about a possible winter transfer: “As I said, I think about it and then I decide how to proceed.”

… about the nature of the thoughts he wants to make: “I think about everything. About me, about the situations, about everything.”