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FC Bayern Munich – Kevin Trapp on transfer rumors: “Confirmation for my performance”



FC Bayern Munich – Kevin Trapp on transfer rumors: “Confirmation for my performance”

National goalkeeper Kevin Trapp has responded to the rumors that he is a candidate for FC Bayern. Although he feels flattered, in his opinion a transfer makes no sense.

“Manuel Neuer is injured, he hasn’t ended his career. And we all know what kind of goalkeeper he is. Anyway, I wish him a speedy recovery and a speedy recovery,” said Trapp in the Eintracht Frankfurt training camp when asked if he could imagine a role as a new representative. “I didn’t really bother with it. Of course I read it, it wasn’t possible not to read it. When something like that comes up, it’s a nice sign, because it’s a confirmation of the achievements.”

He further joked: “The only thing that was hot was the sun on holiday.” In addition, Trapp emphasized that his side “certainly did not fake it”. “We don’t need that, but Markus has already made that clear.” He was alluding to the statement by sports director Markus Krösche, who had described the speculation as “a story made up by the consultants” and “complete nonsense”.

This in turn is said not to be good at Sports360 arrived, the agency from which the goalkeeper is advised. Krösche therefore rowed back a bit: “I can understand that he didn’t like the statements, I would feel the same way.” But they know each other and want to work together in the long term. According to sports1 kept the club busy with the future of Trapp, whose contract expires in 2024, he is seen as an irreplaceable success factor.

With regard to an extension, according to Trapp, all sides are “in a good exchange, everyone knows what they want. The club is successful, the players here want to be successful too. If I can continue to be a part of it, then of course I would be very happy.” We’re not going to tell you what it’s all about now. I want to keep having the quality to help the team.”