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FC Bayern Munich – Mathys Tel exclusive: “When I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian”



FC Bayern Munich - Mathys Tel exclusive: "When I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian"

Mathys Tel once wanted to be a veterinarian and wears a white bandage as a reminder of his origins: the French striker from FC Bayern Munich gave an interview on the occasion of his nomination for the NXGN Nine SPOX and GOAL personal insights.

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Mathys Tel is only 17 years old: His childhood was not long ago and he can remember his dreams back then accordingly well: “When I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian. That was my little plan B, if it didn’t work out, Going pro. I really like animals.”

In fact, turning pro went pretty quickly. Tel made his debut for his youth club Stade Rennes at the age of 16 before moving to Bayern Munich last summer for 20 million euros and signing a contract until 2025. But he did not come to Munich alone, his parents accompanied him. “It can only be positive to have them by my side today. I am very happy that they are with me,” says Tel.

The values ​​​​”respect, work, modesty, perseverance and of course love” were passed on to him by his parents: “Just the love you have when you play football, see your family and friends. They taught me to be honest. Since From an early age, there was respect for everything in our home. Whenever you see someone, you should smile and say hello. I learned that when I was young. Those are our family values.”

In terms of football, Tel oriented himself towards a French compatriot from an early age: Thierry Henry, once active for FC Arsenal and FC Barcelona. “Quick, good finish, a warrior’s mentality,” enthuses Tel. “He’s a role model. I’m trying to copy a bit of what he did and try to have a career similar to his.”

Mathy Tel about his bandage: “Something very important”

According to coach Julian Nagelsmann, Tel could “become one of the best strikers” and “one day score 40 goals a season” for Bayern Munich. “If he scores ten goals this season, we’ll all be happy,” announced Nagelsmann after the transfer. Tel currently has five hits. So far he has played 489 competitive minutes for FC Bayern, and in his 21 appearances he has only been in the starting XI twice.

If Tel hits, he always presents his white bandage on his right wrist. “I had the bandage when I was a kid in the U13s in Aubervilliers,” he says. “It’s something very meaningful. It reminds me of where I come from and has given me a certain strength. That’s why I always carry it with me and I think I always will.”

Off the pitch, Tel dresses modestly compared to some of his teammates. “I don’t particularly look at it, but I know that some players like color and a certain style. For example Serge Gnabry, Alphonso Davies and Jamal Musiala.”

Another Munich colleague, on the other hand, convinces him above all with his sense of humour. “Thomas Müller makes me laugh a lot,” says Tel. “I didn’t understand anything at first, but I still laughed. Thanks to the lessons I have every day now, I can now understand German, English and so on well. It keeps getting better.”