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FC Bayern Munich – Michael Ballack raves about Jamal Musiala: “He doesn’t give a shit”



FC Bayern Munich – Michael Ballack raves about Jamal Musiala: “He doesn’t give a shit”

Jamal Musiala is the man of the hour at Bayern Munich. The 19-year-old paved the way for the record champions to win against VfL Wolfsburg. Afterwards he received praise from all sides.

“He doesn’t give a shit, to put it in plain English,” said ex-national player Michael Ballack in his capacity as DAZN-Expert. “He brings so much with him, is incredibly calm even in the penalty area. You can’t learn that.”

With his third goal of the season (33rd), Musiala gave Bayern the lead in a 2-0 (2-0) win over Wolves. The youngster scored with a deliberate shot from the edge of the box, having earlier put up a good fight against Maxence Lacroix and Patrick Wimmer.

At the same time, Musiala made history with his goal: at the age of 19 years and 169 days, he became the youngest German player in league history to score 14 goals. Only the Englishman Jadon Sancho was 24 days younger in the service of BVB.

“I always try to give everything in the game,” said Musiala himself. After Robert Lewandowski’s departure, Musiala emphasized Bayern’s variability in attack: “We’re very flexible, we rotate a lot, we have a lot of control and move around a lot. We play good football and it’s fun.”

FC Bayern: Ballack and Müller praise Musiala

Ballack said it was “refreshing to watch him”, especially his first touch when receiving the ball was good. “He’s incredibly difficult to calculate,” said the former captain of the German national team. “I hope he stays that way for a long time. With the top performances, the expectations are growing.”

Team-mate Thomas Müller, who scored the final score with his first goal of the season (44th), also had special praise for Musiala: “The one with his little dance. Today it also worked with the passing game, sometimes something wild comes out of it.”

Müller on VAR check: “What? I’m offside there?”

Overall, according to Müller, the win was “not as lavish as the first two games”. The VAR also prevented a higher result, so two goals from Sadio Mané were disallowed for offside. At the second goal, Müller was just offside, the scene was checked for minutes. “What? I’m offside? You don’t believe that. The body is completely behind it. But I hit my head,” said Müller when he saw the TV pictures after the game.

“I think everyone thought it was a clear number, but I saw one across the field and if it lasted longer than ten seconds, it couldn’t have been that clear,” added Müller. “Of course a lot of people complain that it’s taking so long, but you want to make the right decision. So – all good.”