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FC Bayern Munich – Müller with fireworks after the gala against Barca: “Are not the cupboards of the nation”



FC Bayern Munich - Müller with fireworks after the gala against Barca: "Are not the cupboards of the nation"

Thomas Müller classified his own performance in a humorous DAZN interview after Bayern Munich’s 3-0 win on the final day of the Champions League group stage against FC Barcelona. He also praised Jamal Musiala and spoke about the current problems at Barca.

“It’s from Julian,” said Müller and laughed when he appeared at the microphone in a slightly oversized jacket – alluding to coach Julian Nagelsmann’s somewhat more extravagant clothing style. When asked about the icy temperatures and the snowfall in Munich, Müller replied: “If you move, you can do it.”

Müller scored his eighth goal against Barcelona with his goal to make it 1-0 in the meantime, and he didn’t score more often against any other opponent. “It’s kind of slipping against Barca,” he explained, recalling his goal: “I noticed that the ball was coming up. I can see that I couldn’t push it anymore. Then there was only one option: there Where he’s from, a bit of an arc lamp. I’ll take it with me. “

For Müller it was the 50th goal in the Champions League, which puts him in seventh place in the all-time top scorer list with Thierry Henry. Before Müller are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema, Raul and Ruud van Nistelrooy. Could he have enumerated them all by heart? “I might even have known everyone. Although, I might have forgotten the Ruud,” he admitted.

Müller praises Musiala – Barca lack “intensity”

Leroy Sane scored the 2-0 for Bayern with a flutter ball from distance, which did not look good at Barca’s German national goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen. “Of course he can hold him,” arranged Müller. “But it was a brutal bomb. The trajectory is brutal. Maybe the snow was a bit on the glove. The conditions were slippery today.”

The final point to make it 3-0 was set by the 18-year-old Jamal Musiala, who was in the starting line-up for the first time since mid-October and impressed in an unusual role on the double six. “The good thing about Jamal is that he never gives up. You can drive him and he accepts,” said Müller. “Neither of us are the cupboards of the nation. Long bones, poking in every now and then, looting a ball: He does that quite well in addition to this snake-like one. Jamal is a good boy with great skills. You can always bring him, that is at Bayern something with 18. “

Barca failed in the group stage due to the defeat and now have to go to the Europa League. The Champions League round of 16 reached the second-placed Benfica Lisbon instead. “I didn’t see it coming in the group that they end up going under like that,” said Müller of Barca’s disappointing performance. “They are great individual players from a technical and tactical point of view. But they cannot keep up with the intensity that currently prevails in top-class football. We made use of that.”