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FC Bayern Munich – Ranking: This is FCB’s most beautiful jersey



FC Bayern Munich - Ranking: This is FCB's most beautiful jersey

FC Bayern Munich has brought many jerseys onto the market in its long club history. SPOX and GOAL have created a ranking and chosen the most beautiful jersey of this millennium.

For the coming season, the Bayern supporters are expecting three very special copies if you believe the leaks on the net: the home jersey comes in white with red sleeves, the away jersey is black with special green and purple accents and the third jersey shines with a subtle pattern in a retro look.

To mark the occasion, we took the liberty of compiling a ranking of the ten most beautiful Bayern jerseys since the turn of the millennium.

Caution: This selection is purely subjective. If you have a different opinion or if a jersey is completely missing from the list, please write in the comments! We may then adjust the ranking again.

Enough of the excuses and protective measures, let’s get started: