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FC Bayern Munich – Serge Gnabry reacts to criticism of him: “At some point it will be enough”



FC Bayern Munich – Serge Gnabry reacts to criticism of him: “At some point it will be enough”

Serge Gnabry has commented on the criticism of his person. The national player was in the line of fire because of a trip to Fashion Week and his mediocre performance on the pitch.

Leroy Sané also recently got his fat off because of his misconduct and performance. In the 5-3 win against FC Augsburg, both he and Gnabry were in the starting XI.

Sané scored one goal and set up another. Gnabry showed improvement, but still fell short of expectations. He then commented sky about the past few weeks: “I can’t resist every statement. It’s part of it somewhere, but sometimes it’s too blatant. At some point it’s enough.”

In addition, Gnabry protected his teammate Sané, who was often unpunctual recently: “If two players are blamed for a negative series, that doesn’t make sense in my opinion.”

Public criticism is “sometimes difficult,” Gnabry added, emphasizing: “We have to deal with it, but it’s not nice to hear when it’s against you or against a teammate.”

The pressure at FC Bayern is also partly responsible for the success. “It doesn’t matter if we haven’t won twice or win five times in a row, we always want to win the next game. That’s what sets Bayern apart,” said the 27-year-old.

For this statement there was praise from skyExpert Didi Hamann, who also pilloried Gnabry: “Great interview. It shows how he has developed. He has overcome a lot of resistance in his career.”

FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann defends Gnabry and Sané

Coach Julian Nagelsmann had backed the two offensive players before kick-off. Gnabry and Sané are still “decision-makers in important moments,” explained the FCB coach: “I would like to see that they have this trust, even if there are many things written around them that are not super pleasant for either of them.”

Nagelsmann continues: “Where they are not always free from guilt, but not guilty either. They just have certain traits. And that’s a good thing.” It is important that the “peculiarities are accepted and registered”.

“There are just different characters,” added Nagelsmann. With Sané “you either get along and you work with him or he doesn’t play at Bayern Munich anymore. But I want him to play at Bayern Munich because he has exceptional skills”.