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FC Bayern Munich – sports lawyer: “FCB could cut Lewandowski’s salary”



FC Bayern Munich – sports lawyer: "FCB could cut Lewandowski's salary"

Sports lawyer Christoph Schickhardt believes that FC Bayern Munich has the upper hand in the transfer dispute with Robert Lewandowski.

“This contract is without a doubt valid before every German labor court and must therefore be fulfilled by both parties,” said Schickhardt in an interview with the Munich evening newspaper.

If the Polish striker went on strike, Munich would have several options. “On the one hand, he can of course reduce his salary. There are certainly possibilities in player contracts to impose effective sanctions. The club can also put the player in the stands,” said the sports lawyer.

If the conflict escalates, he recommends that FC Bayern not move away from their current position: “For the clubs, the following applies: attitude and strength. That pays off in the long term.”

Lewandowski had recently publicly announced that he definitely wanted to leave the German record champions this summer. “My era at Bayern is over. I can’t imagine another good cooperation. Bayern is a serious club and I hope they won’t keep me just because they can,” said Lewandowski at a press conference of the Polish national team: ” A transfer is the best solution for all sides. I hope they don’t stop me.”

Bayern, on the other hand, want to keep the striker beyond the summer – if necessary without extending the contract. “I can’t tell you why Robert chose this path. Such statements in public don’t get you anywhere. Robert became world footballer here twice in a row – I think he should know what he has at Bayern,” said board boss Oliver Kahn at sports1 and added: “Appreciation is not a one-way street!”