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FC Bayern Munich – Theses for 1: 1 at Union Berlin: The biggest problem of FCB is not the missing center forward



FC Bayern Munich - Theses for 1: 1 at Union Berlin: The biggest problem of FCB is not the missing center forward

FC Bayern Munich can’t get rid of the questions about Robert Lewandowski after the 1-1 draw against Union Berlin. But the real problem in the squad lies elsewhere. Union Berlin is also developing into the German version of Atalanta Bergamo. The theses on FCB’s draw on the 5th matchday of the Bundesliga.

1. FC Bayern: The question of Lewandowski will remain – unfortunately!

For the second time in a row, FC Bayern Munich only drew 1-1 in the Bundesliga, and for the second time in a row some of the record champions’ offensive players missed more or less high-quality chances. That not only led to the loss of the championship lead on the fifth day of the game, which of course not only coach Julian Nagelsmann should “give a fuck”. Instead, for the second time in a row, it led to the inevitable questions about Robert Lewandowski, which, for the most part, could not be answered satisfactorily.

But for the record:

  • Was Lewy missing against Union Berlin? It may be. In any case, Sadio Mané’s performance was not that famous.
  • Would it have been different with Lewandowski? Maybe, maybe not. Lewandowski didn’t score in every game for Bayern either.
  • Doesn’t it need a world-class center forward? Not if Bayern’s attacking quartet had been more effective in Berlin.

Sure, in contrast to the draw against Mönchengladbach, when Bayern managed the feat of scoring just one goal from 33 shots but played spectacularly well, this time the Bavarian goal drought can not only be explained by bad luck or an outstanding opposing keeper.

As Julian Nagelsmann rightly pointed out, it only took one brilliant act from Union keeper Frederik Rönnow to thwart Munich’s four top-class chances.

The biggest problem in Berlin wasn’t the ineffectiveness of the strikers in front of goal. In addition to the low level of energy that Nagelsmann had warned about and the fact that the attackers made the wrong decisions when it came to big chances, much more problematic was the lack of concentration on the part of the entire team when creating the chances. And on top of that a certain tendency to complicated play in the attacking third.

Julian Nagelsmann prescribed a less wild and more patient build-up to Bayern over the summer, from which the defensive also benefited in Berlin. But in the attacking third, a certain sloppiness crept in, from which the Munich team suffered last season when they lost 1-0 at FC Villarreal in the Champions League. By the way, center forward Robert Lewandowski was on the pitch for 90 minutes.

FC Bayern Munich: shot statistics in the Bundesliga

Gameday Opponent Shots FC Bayern Gates
1. Eintracht Frankfurt 23 6
2. VfL Wolfsburg 24 2
3. VfL Bochum 22 7
4. Borussia Monchengladbach 33 1
5. Union Berlin 21 1