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FC Bayern Munich – Theses for 7-0 at VfL Bochum: FCB has a new playmaker



Kingsley Coman's heat map during FC Bayern Munich's 7-0 win at VfL Bochum.

Kingsley Coman is shining in a new role in his Bundesliga debut this season for Bayern Munich, while Marcel Sabitzer and Gabriel Vidovic are also recommended for more. Three theses on Bayern’s 7-0 win at VfL Bochum on Matchday 3.

1. Coman proves: FCB cannot have enough playmakers

It was one of the more exciting tactical questions regarding FC Bayern Munich before the start of the season: How would Kingsley Coman fit into Julian Nagelsmann’s new preferred game system, which Nagelsmann actually preferred to have played at RB Leipzig?

The 4-2-2-2 basic order is usually more centered with all the desired flexibility on the offensive. Classic wingers are less in demand than they have been at Bayern since Louis van Gaal. So what would happen to Coman, the last true winger in the squad?

At what, real winger? Papperlappap! “If you ask him, he’s not an outside player, but would like to play in the center, but that applies to everyone and it starts in the F youth,” Nagelsmann said before the game in Bochum about Coman, who was due to his suspension from the previous season could only now make his Bundesliga season debut.

The would-be center player Coman then acted there – especially on the right wing. The Frenchman had 45 of his 63 ball contacts on the right flank.

Bayern Munich: Coman very different from Jamal Musiala

But Coman also proved in Bochum that playmakers don’t have to act in or from the center. Coman convinced – as always – with his dribbling and speed runs, but he also played nice interface passes to bow. About before Sadio Mané’s goal to make it 4-0. Or before Sadio Manés rightly denied a goal to make it 4-0 because of a handball. In addition, Coman took the penalty to make it 5-0, scored himself to make it 3-0 and was even the most committed duel on the pitch. Coman went into the – mostly offensive – duel 14 times, he won the duel nine times. Much to the chagrin of his pathetic direct opponent Saidy Janko, who seemed permanently highly stressed.

Coman excelled in an overall outstanding offensive quartet of record-breaking Bayern in Bochum – three wins in the first three games and 15:1 goals had not previously been achieved by the record champions in the Bundesliga.

He interpreted his role fundamentally differently from Bochum’s missing Jamal Musiala in the first two games of the season, but he proved that FC Bayern obviously cannot have enough playmakers in the squad and on the pitch this season.