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FC Bayern Munich – Uli Hoeneß raves about new FCB signing Sadio Mané: “Sadio is awesome”



Uli Hoeneß raved about new FCB signing Sadio Mané.

Uli Hoeneß raved about new FCB signing Sadio Mané. The Senegalese is “awesome”, his move to Bayern Munich a “masterpiece” by sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. Hoeneß also spoke about his life’s work.

“When I saw the picture of Sadio Mané with the megaphone, I couldn’t believe it,” Hoeneß enthused in an interview with the sports picture. The 30-year-old, who switched from Liverpool to the German record champions in the summer, fitted in excellently at Bayern with four goals in four games, much to the delight of the honorary president.

However, Hoeneß also warned: “I’m curious how my friends from the ‘Schickeria’ deal with whether they allow the players to be close. I know a few strong Ultras who say ‘Yes, WE are the club.'” At the same time, the 70-year-old is sure that Mané can quickly win over the fans with his style.

“The Sadio is awesome anyway. When Hasan mentioned the transfer to the supervisory board, I said: ‘If we get it, you can buy it without our permission!'” Hoeneß continued, who remains in the club as a simple member of the supervisory board is working. “It’s a masterpiece that Hasan did it. Mané doesn’t drink alcohol, his whole life consists of football. It’s a dream for the team and for our public image.”

In general, he was extremely satisfied with Salihamidzic’s work: “I always stood behind him one hundred percent, in good times and bad. Everyone on the board has developed strongly in recent months. And one thing is clear. That was 1979 for me ‘Learning by doing’ with a turnover of ten million marks is easier than ‘learning by doing’ today with a turnover of 700 million euros. The pressure is greater. No question.”

Uli Hoeneß: FC Bayern not a “mercenary club”

Hoeneß says that the external image of the club also helps with the transfer of such world stars as Mané. Word gets around in the football business about how FCB treats its players, for example in the case of Sebastian Deislers, who is suffering from depression, where they acted “humanely up to the last moment”.

“The players are talking. Matthijs de Ligt spoke to Arjen Robben and Sören Lerby before he came to us from Juventus. A Sadio Mané knows how FC Bayern tick. The French talk to each other,” says Hoeneß, who directly Example: “When we brought Franck Ribéry, I told Bixente Lizarazu and Willy Sagnol to give him a call. All of Europe now knows that we are a family club, that we are human.” Bayern is not a “mercenary club where the players only play for the money”.

Hoeneß also sees the city of Munich as a location advantage, so you can hold your own against the better-funded competition in England or Spain, for example: “They’re no better than us, they just have more money available. The sporting advantage of the Premier League is with someone else Bought money. Our big advantage is the independence from oligarchs, from entire states. In the medium term, that will eventually work in favor of the Bundesliga.”

FCB legend Uli Hoeneß: “It pisses me off”

When asked about his life’s work as a long-time manager and president of FC Bayern, Hoeneß explained: “It was my goal for a football club to become a big club where people enjoy working. Not just the players, but also the masseurs , the employees. It was part of my line, on the outside, to attack those who think they are on top and to help those who are weak and on the bottom.”

This also applies to direct competition. There is “almost no club in the Bundesliga that we haven’t helped,” said Hoeneß. “Rostock, Cottbus, Magdeburg. Just the fact of how popular FC Bayern is in St. Pauli, that’s something he can be proud of. That we’ve managed to use this measure to help those in dire need, to change opinion about the to change the whole club decisively.”

After the difficult last pandemic years, Hoeneß is now happy that the fans were able to return to the Bundesliga stadiums. “I doubted whether they would all come back at the push of a button. And now the opposite is the case. The enthusiasm has grown even more,” said Hoeneß. “It’s crazy. All hell is breaking loose. All fears are gone at the moment. And we still tend to badmouth everything. It comes across that way, especially in some media. It really pisses me off. Because I think that Our government is doing very well under the given conditions.”

FC Bayern: The start of the season at a glance

date Opponent venue contest result
Saturday July 30th RB Leipzig Red Bull Arena, Leipzig Supercup final 5:3
Friday 5 August Eintracht Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurt Bundesliga, 1st matchday 6:1
Sunday 14 August VfL Wolfsburg Allianz Arena, Munich Bundesliga, 2nd matchday 2-0
Sunday 21 August VfL Bochum Vonovia Ruhrstadion, Bochum Bundesliga, 3rd matchday 7-0
Saturday 27 August Borussia Monchengladbach Allianz Arena, Munich Bundesliga, 4th matchday