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FC Bayern, news and rumours



Nagelsmann did not agree at all with the development of the 0:1 in Berlin.

Felix Magath sees the Lewandowski problem at Bayern not solved. Stefan Effenberg jumps to the side of the angry Julian Nagelsmann. Kingsley Coman has revealed which player he wants to be in the future. News and rumors about FC Bayern can be found here.

Here you will find more news about the German record champions.

FC Bayern, News: Magath sees Lewy problem “relocated”

Ex-Bayern coach is of the opinion that Munich could still regret Robert Lewandowski’s departure to FC Barcelona: “If I had been Bayern coach three years ago, I would certainly have tried to solve this problem. But you have that Problem shifted to this season,” explained the 69-year-old picture TV.

A striker like Lewandowski, “who guaranteed goals for the team, isn’t that easy to replace. Bayern are realizing that now.” While the Pole at Barca already has five goals this season, the other FCB has been knocked off the top of the Bundesliga table after two draws in a row. Nevertheless, Magath qualified: “Even after two years, I don’t see the danger that Bayern won’t win the championship. They’ve been warned about the Champions League.”

Sadio Mané, who has not scored twice recently, “has to integrate now. It is difficult to find a replacement in a system that has worked. Lewandowski’s rhythm was perfectly matched to the team.”

From 56 chances to score, FC Bayern only scored two goals against Gladbach and Union Berlin, in Berlin Thomas Müller was initially on the bench – this should not be the case again at the Champions League opener at Inter Milan if Marcel Sabitzer has his way: “You can’t replace a Thomas Müller one-to-one. I’m assuming he’ll be back on Wednesday.”

FC Bayern, News: Effenberg jumps to the side of angry Nagelsmann

Former Bayern captain Stefan Effenberg jumped to the side of FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann, who criticized the opening goal for Union Berlin on Saturday. His accusation: Andras Schäfer committed a swallow to get the free kick that led to Sheraldo Becker’s goal.

Effenberg said about this in Sport1 double pass: “There is no clearer swallow. It was a clear wrong decision. A referee at Bundesliga level must be able to recognize that.” Referee Frank Willenborg is “immediately nearby and has a clear view of the scene. There has to be a free kick for Bayern or he has to let the game continue.”

Nagelsmann criticized both Willenborg and Schäfer himself after the game and explained that he had already exchanged a few serious words with him because of his acting performance: “Of course it’s not a foul – but it was counted as such. It’s always annoying with video evidence , if you concede a standard goal and the alleged foul was a clear swallow beforehand.”

FC Bayern, News: This player wants to become Coman

Already one of the best wingers in the world, Kinsgley Coman still has clear ambitions as to which player he wants to become: “I work hard. With age and experience you develop and get better. I’m on the right track, that To become the player I want to be and this year would be a good year to show that,” he told the table football.

He also described the player he would ideally like to be in the shortest possible time: “He’s a player who creates a lot of chances, who scores goals – not only at the beginning but also at the end of a game. He’s a player who helps his teammates to get better and a player who plays well in the big games.”

The goal in the 2020 Champions League final, which he scored for Bayern in a 1-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain, showed him “that hard work pays off, that I can make my dreams come true and that I’m one of the best player in the most important game ever”. Previously he hadn’t been “confident enough” to “say that. Now I know I can be that player. And then when you’re that player in that game, it’s reality.”

Coman sees himself as a flexible player who can “play the ten, on the left and on the right”. “I used to always play on the ten. I’m very flexible – and more of a striker than a wild card.” This means the winger in a defensive line of five, who also has to take on tasks in defense.

While he sees himself as “a long way away” and “not thinking about it yet” from winning the Ballon d’Or, another goal is much closer: taking part in the World Cup in Qatar with France this winter. He “does everything to be there, to be fit at the right moment”. Before that, the demands in the club are also clearly defined: “I want us to win the treble. We definitely have to do better in the cup and in the Champions League than last year.”

FC Bayern: Champions League dates, group phase

Gameday date time home Guest
1 Wednesday 07 September 21 clock Inter Milan FC Bayern Munich
2 Tuesday 13 September 21 clock FC Bayern Munich Barcelona FC
3 Tuesday October 4th 6.45 p.m FC Bayern Munich Victoria Pilsen
4 Wednesday October 12th 21 clock Victoria Pilsen FC Bayern Munich
5 Wednesday October 26th 21 clock Barcelona FC FC Bayern Munich
6 Tuesday, November 1st 21 clock FC Bayern Munich Inter Milan