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FC Bayern, news and rumours



FC Bayern, news and rumours, Hasan Salihamidzic, Konrad Laimer, Thomas Tuchel, RB Leipzig, Lothar Matthäus

FC Bayern’s 3-1 defeat against RB Leipzig caused a stir and above all caused the sports director Hasan Salihamidzic to be at a loss, but he defended the coach. Meanwhile, Lothar Matthäus became specific about the problems with the record champions. The news and rumors from Munich.

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FC Bayern – News: Hasan Salihamidzic at a loss after losing to Leipzig

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, like his fellow players at FC Bayern, was noticeably pissed off after the 3-1 defeat against RB Leipzig on Saturday and also revealed a certain disillusionment. He was “optimistic because we had a good week of training and we improved,” said Salihamidzic sky. However, he also admitted: “After 1-0 or half an hour we had nothing to oppose.”

When asked about the numerous problems at Bayern Munich, Salihamidzic said: “The problems run deep, but I can’t say what our problems are.” However, the Bosnian did offer an explanation: “We have guys who have won a lot of titles and have a good mentality. They pull in training, but today was very disappointing.”

FC Bayern – News: Hasan Salihamidzic would change to Thomas Tuchel “again and again”

Board member for sport Hasan Salihamidzic supported coach Thomas Tuchel after FC Bayern lost 3-1 at home to RB Leipzig and emphasized: “We don’t really have it under control anymore, but we tried everything and had problems even before the change of coach .” However, he also conceded: “If we don’t win a title, we can say that the change has not brought anything.” But: “Thomas Tuchel has done a good job. But he needs to prepare with the team, then everything would go better.”

However, Salihamidzic does not see the change of coach as a mistake: “We would do it again and again because it was necessary.”

Salihamidzic also sees a positive aspect when it comes to the impending season without a title for Munich – it would be the first since the 2011/12 season: “It’s surprising for me too that the team might not win a title. I always stand behind the team. Maybe they need a season where they experience what it’s like not to win a title.”

As for his role in all of this, Salihamidzic said: “We made all decisions with a clear conscience for Bayern. I do my job 24/7.”

FC Bayern – News: Konrad Laimer makes a meaningful statement about a possible summer change

During RB Leipzig’s 3-1 win at FC Bayern on Saturday, midfielder Konrad Laimer presented himself to the guests in great form and turned the game around with his goal to make it 1-1. He was then asked about the move to Munich in the summer, which was already considered perfect.

The Austrian was diplomatic, especially since nothing has been officially announced: “My contract expires in the summer. I won’t say anything about my move, except that it’s nice here and I don’t rule out moving here.”

Lothar Matthäus, TV expert at skywas more open about this personality: “For me, his answer to the question was a ‘yes’. He was already in Munich for a medical check-up, you don’t do that if you don’t go to Bayern Munich after all. Me I am 99.9 percent confident that he can become a valuable Bayern Munich player next season.”

In general, the record national player Laimer gave a good report and considers the said change to be a coup for FCB: “The way he played today, he left a certain maturity and card. Aggressive is a key word. For me, he is the player of the game, not just because of the goal, but also because of the aggressiveness, the passion and his transition game. Football writes such stories. Bayern saw today that Laimer is someone who can strengthen them.”

FC Bayern – News: Lothar Matthäus does not see a functioning team in Munich

FC Bayern’s 1: 3 against RB Leipzig should leave its mark on the record champions. TV expert Lothar Matthäus agreed sky put his finger in the wound after the game and painted black for his ex-club.

“A season without a title can also have an effect for the future. But for a final future and not for the next three or four years,” said Matthäus and made a devastating judgment: “Bayern Munich is not a development club. They have great players on the field, but don’t work as a team.”

In general, Matthäus criticized the attitude of the current FC Bayern team and even suspected mental weaknesses: In his opinion, Bayern wanted to “manage too much after the opening goal. Maybe they were tired, mentally tired or not convinced. This lightness and security that Bayern generally radiates has been lost to the team,” recognized Matthäus.

“In addition, they may not all have the mentality of the really big teams at FC Bayern. There is a lack of cohesion and greed.”

FC Bayern – News: Fan association criticizes spectators fleeing the Allianz Arena

FC Bayern Munich’s Club No. 12 fan association sharply criticized the behavior of numerous spectators during the 3-1 defeat against RB Leipzig. Large crowds of fans fled the Allianz Arena long before the final whistle.

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FC Bayern – Rumor: Sturmjuwel will probably move to Mönchengladbach

Borussia Mönchengladbach has apparently secured the services of regional league striker Grant-Leon Ranos from FC Bayern. This is reported by several media on Sunday.

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