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FC Bayern – News and rumours: Felix Magath counts Nagelsmann and criticizes referees



FC Bayern, news and rumours, Julian Nagelsmann, Felix Magath, Dayot Upamecano

Felix Magath spoke up and assessed Julian Nagelsmann’s situation at Bayern Munich. In addition, the referees got their fat away. The news and rumors about FC Bayern.

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FC Bayern – News: Felix Magath counts on Julian Nagelsmann

Felix Magath has once again spoken up and in an interview with sky also talked about Julian Nagelsmann at Bayern Munich. Above all, there is one basic requirement for staying with the record champions.

A possible elimination against PSG in the Champions League (first leg: 1-0) would not be a reason for Magath to fire the coach. “I think a club has to recognize that Paris can knock you out, no matter what the club’s aspirations are.”

A failure in the Bundesliga, on the other hand, would be something different for the 69-year-old: “A season without a championship title? That will be difficult to survive. It doesn’t matter which coach.” A season without a championship would increase the pressure on Nagelsmann enormously. And according to Magath, Nagelsmann has not yet experienced any real pressure in Munich.

“He was at Hoffenheim. He came from the youth department and was fully supported by everyone right from the start. The same in Leipzig.” But: “FC Bayern is in a different league.”

However, Magath admitted: “If Nagelsmann wins the championship, then I don’t think FC Bayern will change anything in this position.”

If not, Thomas Tuchel, who is currently without a club since his dismissal at Chelsea, would be a conceivable successor: “Of course, in theory, Tuchel could become Bayern coach. I don’t know if he wants to wait that long.”

FC Bayern – News: Felix Magath sees no disadvantage for FCB

After the controversial red card against defender Dayot Upamecano in the game in Mönchengladbach, Hasan Salihamidzic spoke of FC Bayern being disadvantaged by the referees for a long time. Ex-Bayern coach Felix Magath doesn’t want to know anything about it.

But on the contrary. In an interview with sky he had a long fit of laughter after a question on this topic before he answered: “That would be news to me if there was such a mood against FC Bayern.” Magath went on to explain that in games against Bayern, “strangely enough, I never had a feeling of support”. And: “I can’t see it now either.”

FC Bayern – News: Felix Magath criticizes the referee and FCB

Felix Magath spoke opposite sky about the current situation of referees in the Bundesliga and took the red card against Bayern’s Dayot Upamecano as an opportunity to criticize.

“People are not willing to talk about the fact that football in the Bundesliga, especially in the Bundesliga, is so ratted out by our referees. Every little thing, every physical contact, they whistle,” said the three-time champion coach (twice with Bayern) and Pushed on: “But I can’t just cry around when it hits me. It hit other clubs often enough, against Bayern.”

And the latter is also the only difference between Bavaria and other clubs. “Otherwise there is none.” In general, however, Magath drew a devastating verdict: “What we offer the viewer here has nothing to do with sport and football.”

“As a spectator, I turn away,” said Magath about the current refereeing performance, which sometimes has a drastic effect on games. “I don’t want to see that, I don’t want to see that as a football fan. I want to see good football for 90 minutes and not for a team to be advantaged or disadvantaged and everything is decided after five minutes because someone picked and therefore has to leave the field .”

Magath didn’t like Upamecano’s dismissal at all, albeit with one caveat: “Basically, I would say: That’s ridiculous. But the way it’s been called in the Bundesliga in recent months and years, that was completely correct.”

Basically, most of the decisions of the referees are “completely in accordance with the rules, but idiotic in their interpretation”.

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