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FC Bayern – News and rumours: Herbert Hainer declares war on Europe



FC Bayern, news and rumours, Herbert Hainer, Julian Nagelsmann, Tobias Stieler, Sadio Mané

FC Bayern is in a good position in Europe, according to President Herbert Hainer. He also thinks highly of coach Julian Nagelsmann. Referee Tobias Stieler meanwhile gets his fat off a former colleague. The news and rumors from Munich.

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FC Bayern, News: President Herbert Hainer: “We don’t have to hide from anyone in Europe”

The President of FC Bayern, Herbert Hainer, sees the record champion in the best possible position before the weeks of truth. “An expert like Kylian Mbappé said after we were eliminated that we had a team that was shaped to win the Champions League. José Mourinho would like to have the same options as our squad offer. With all due respect to the others Clubs – we don’t have to hide from any team in Europe,” Hainer said table football-Interview.

However, before the upcoming quarter-finals in the Champions League against England’s top club Manchester City, FC Bayern also need “that much-cited little bit of luck. Nuances decide who progresses.” But, according to Hainer: “The critical phase is now beginning. Thomas Müller said it won’t be easy to beat FC Bayern – and that’s exactly how we have to act as FC Bayern.”

However, Hainer’s statements were recorded before the disappointing 1:2 in Leverkusen…

FC Bayern, News: Herbert Hainer praises Julian Nagelsmann

In conversation with the table football FCB President Herbert Hainer once again praised coach Julian Nagelsmann. The 35-year-old is “incredibly far in his development. A top coach who also proved against Paris that he is tactically and strategically excellent at the highest European level,” said the Munich president.

In any case, FC Bayern is planning “in the long term with Nagelsmann because we want to build something with him. You can see clear progress in these year and a half. Julian is doing very well fence broken,” emphasized Hainer.

FC Bayern, News: Hainer sees FCB as “renewable energy”

Bayern President Herbert Hainer sees the fact that FC Bayern keeps involving former players in leading positions as an “absolute plus. That makes us strong. FC Bayern is renewable energy, and has been a source with enormous power from within for decades,” emphasized the 68-year-old in table football.

The record champions “keep reinventing ourselves by constantly challenging ourselves at the highest level and never being satisfied. Being a traditional club by no means means closing yourself off to progress.”

FC Bayern, News: Referee Stieler is ridiculed after VAR help in Leverkusen

FC Bayern delivered a sporting oath of disclosure at the 1: 2 in Leverkusen on Sunday, which led to heavy criticism from Hasan Salihamidzic and Julian Nagelsmann. But not only the Munich players had a bad day, referee Tobias Stieler also caused displeasure.

Twice after a fall from Leverkusen’s Amine Adli in the Munich penalty area, Stieler decided to swallow and handed out yellow cards. He was then taught better twice by the VAR and then pointed to the point. A performance that caused a stir. Ex-referee Manuel Gräfe in particular did not mince his words afterwards.

“If you want to illustrate the wrong personal development of the last decade, then that such referees were sponsored by the DFB (von Krug, Fandel & Fröhlich) up to the highest group of UEFA, but the performance never justified it …” wrote Gräfe Twitter.

Stieler himself praised the VAR in an interview after the game DAZN: “Today was a prime example of the perfect collaboration with the video assistant.” Stieler continues: “He always gets a lot of abuse and is always very, very criticized. Well, that was very, very good today. He was my lifesaver and also for the game.”

FC Bayern, News: Liverpool FC does not miss Sadio Mané

Liverpool FC is playing a weak season with the premature end in the Champions League and the mixed sixth place in the Premier League. Sadio Mané’s departure from Munich should not play a decisive role.

Left-back Andrew Robertson said to BBC When asked about the poor performances this year: “We have to pick up the pieces and I think we have the players to do that.”

Regarding the importance of Mané for himself, the Scot said: “I really enjoyed playing with him, we got along really well.” But there is no reason to mourn Mané: “We have fantastic players who can play their positions. We brought in Darwin, who started really well.”

FC Bayern: The next games of FCB

date and venue Opponent
Sat., April 1, 6.30 p.m. (Allianz Arena) Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)
Tuesday, April 4, 8:45 p.m. (Allianz Arena) SC Freiburg (DFB Cup)
Sat., April 8th, 3.30 p.m. (Europa-Park Stadium) SC Freiburg (Bundesliga