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FC Bayern – news and rumours: TV experts Matthäus and Hamann attack the team and coach, Thomas Müller apologizes



FC Bayern, news and rumours, Dietmar Hamann, Lothar Matthäus, Thomas Müller, Leon Goretzka, Thomas Tuchel, Julian Nagelsmann

The bankruptcy of FC Bayern against RB Leipzig was still an issue for many experts on Sunday. Dietmar Hamann and Lothar Matthäus in particular went to investigate the causes and found some culprits. Thomas Müller also apologized to the fans. The news and rumors from Munich.

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FC Bayern – News: Lothar Matthäus lacks the Mia san Mia in the team

FC Bayern’s defeat against RB Leipzig on Saturday evening still made waves on Sunday. TV expert Lothar Matthäus in particular followed suit.

At Picture Matthäus explained: “Whether it’s still a championship or not: It can’t go on like this at FC Bayern! There must now be a tough analysis and a relentless review with consequences, on and off the field. Regardless of names or positions.” And: “What we’ve been seeing for a while is no longer Bayern-like.”

Matthäus sees the reasons for the overall disappointing season of the record champions on many levels: “Far too many mistakes were made overall, in club management and in sport. Not just this season, it started last season. For example Squad composition: Names have been signed, but the question is, are they really Bayern players, Mia-san-Mia players?”

That brought Matthäus to the following verdict: “I didn’t see any Mia san Mia in the second half against Leipzig.”

Matthäus added: “That’s what many other Bayern insiders and I have been saying for weeks: The Mia san Mia, this almost unique cohesion, this identification with the club, no longer exists. You can see that in the team as well she plays.”

FC Bayern – News: Dietmar Hamann attacks Tuchel and Goretzka

In addition to Lothar Matthäus, Dietmar Hamann spoke again on Sunday in relation to FC Bayern’s defeat by RB Leipzig. At sky90 he not only took on coach Thomas Tuchel, but also midfielder Leon Goretzka, who was back in the starting XI against Leipzig after the break the week before.

According to Hamann, Tuchel is more than partly to blame for FC Bayern’s weak final sprint: “He came to make things better. The coaching effect fizzled out with his signature, the team doesn’t play better – rather worse.”

And Hamann added: “You can’t fire the coach and say: ‘He’s driving the team crazy, we lost ten points to Dortmund after the World Cup’, then a new coach comes along who loses more games in eleven games than the other in 37, and then I say, ‘It’s the team’s fault’.”

But from Hamann’s point of view, the team is of course also to blame. “Now it’s too easy for me to say that what’s going on in the management floor is the reason why they’re playing badly,” said Hamann, emphasizing: “We can’t let the players get away with saying: ‘The Kahn isn’t doing his job and he’s not doing his job and the players have nothing to do with it.'”

One player in particular disappointed Hamann in particular, namely Leon Goretzka. “When I look at a Goretzka: Probably the disappointment of the season,” said Hamann, explaining his assessment as follows: Hamann would have expected Goretzka to be “a pillar in the Bayern game” and in the DFB team. Instead, he was “completely lost this season”. However, one could say the same “about many others” and named the injuries to Manuel Neuer and Lucas Hernández.

The Munich squad, on the other hand, would lack “workers”: “You need players who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team without shining. I don’t see anyone except for de Ligt and Pavard at the moment,” noted Hamann. Goretzka and his neighbor Joshua Kimmich, on the other hand, are “players who want to shine themselves,” said Hamann, adding: “You just need three or four players in the team who do other things better and they don’t have them at the moment.”

FC Bayern – News: Thomas Müller apologizes to fans

Thomas Müller, who heard referee Deniz Aytekin’s memorable tirade in the direction of his former colleague Manuel Graefe live after the game, spoke again on Sunday about his team’s sporting performance and also apologized to the Bayern fans.

Müller wrote on Instagram to his numerous followers: “It’s not the time to look back – one more week with full concentration and we have a chance to win the league. To be honest, I feel sorry for all Bayern fans. Ours second half yesterday was shockingly bad. Let’s stick together for another week. Anything is still possible.”

On Saturday after the game, Müller had declared that he wanted to see two wins from BVB first. He was presented with the first one on Saturday when Borussia won in Augsburg.

FC Bayern – Rumor: Fitness problem due to Nagelsmann?

Last but not least, Stefan Effenberg had FC Bayern on Sunday in the sports1-Double pass diagnosed with a fitness issue. But apparently such a deficit has also been recognized internally at FC Bayern and a cause for it has been located in Thomas Tuchel’s predecessor.

Loud table football namely, there are rumors at the record champions that Julian Nagelsmann did not use the weeks after the World Cup in Qatar optimally to prepare the team for the second half of the season. “High-ranking executives” should point out that four weeks of vacation in the six weeks off after the World Cup was too much – other Bundesliga clubs had started preparing a few weeks earlier, including BVB. After the first English week at the beginning of the year, there was another long free weekend.

However, it is assumed that Thomas Tuchel, despite his overall weak results, is not up for debate and should initiate the upheaval.

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