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FC Bayern – Oliver Kahn’s word of power: Robert Lewandowski will “fulfil the contract. Basta!”



Robert Lewandowski will probably have to stay at Bayern.

Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has spoken a word of power in contract poker with goal scorer Robert Lewandowski. “He has a contract until 2023. He will fulfill this contract. Basta!” Said Kahn on Sunday on the sidelines of the championship celebration at Marienplatz Bavarian television. The boss of the supervisory board, Herbert Hainer, made a similar statement.

The record champion is “very clear. That’s the way it is. There is no player who is above FC Bayern and bigger than this club,” emphasized the Bayern boss.

The club knows the “whole theater and the alarmism from the past. That doesn’t give us a headache,” Kahn continued.

An offer was made to Lewandowski, “he rejected it, that’s his right.” According to Kahn, his former coach Otto Rehhagel once said: “Anyone who signs a contract with FC Bayern must know what they have done.”

The chairman of the supervisory board, Herbert Hainer, also commented on the matter and said in a “double pass”. sports1: “He has a contract with us until June 30th, 2023, that’s when he will play with us.”

Hainer continued: “Robert is a world-class soccer player. The fact that these players are constantly getting offers from other clubs is nothing new. We already had the case in 2019 when Robert flirted with Real Madrid. FC Bayern knows this situation.”

FC Bayern – Hainer: “There is no replacement for Lewandowski”

In addition, the club president cleared up a misunderstanding: “There is always a written offer only when everything has been negotiated verbally. First you start talking, then you negotiate. And sometime after days, weeks, months you say: This is how we do it. Then the written offer will be prepared.” Lewandowski had explained on Saturday that FC Bayern had not made him an offer at all.

“I saw Robert at the championship celebration. Robert said you have to see that you find a solution for both, including Bayern Munich. There is no replacement for such a world-class player. He has a contract, so go I assume that he will fulfill that. It is his right that he does not extend his contract. Of course he can leave for free, he also came for free,” says Hainer relaxed.

Kahn, however, is relaxed about the issue of Lewandowski’s successor and told reporters, including von SPOX and GOAL: “We not only have a plan B, but also a plan C and D.”

FC Bayern – Kahn: Competition can “make up” for title hopes

Kahn also made a clear announcement to the national competition at the championship celebrations at Marienplatz. He had heard that the competition was hoping for the championship title. “But you can brush off these hopes. We’ll attack again next season,” Kahn called out to the 10,000 fans from the balcony of the town hall.

Kahn spoke of “a milestone” after the tenth title in a row. We would be happy to come back “for the next ten years,” added President Herbert Hainer in the direction of Mayor Dieter Reiter.