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FC Bayern – Ralf Rangnick protects FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann: “The situation feels strange”



FC Bayern – Ralf Rangnick protects FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann: “The situation feels strange”

Ralf Rangnick is certain that Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann is the right man to lead FCB out of the current earnings crisis. The former boss of the 35-year-old in Leipzig reveals the secret of what Nagelsmann will now focus on.

“Julian is someone who works very meticulously, pays great attention to the details of the match plan. He will do that even more now,” predicted Rangnick in an interview with the picture. Nagelsmann never experienced such a crisis during his time in Leipzig, “it’s a completely new situation for him, he has a completely different density of top stars in Munich, so more relationship work is needed”.

“As a coach, you have to try to build a personal bond with every player and keep the players on board emotionally,” Rangnick said as a tip for his former protégé. “FC Bayern has only been used to success for ten years, has won everything. The situation now feels strange for the players. That’s why it’s even more important as a coach to talk to them a lot.”

After three consecutive draws in the Bundesliga, Nagelsmann and Bayern suffered a defeat against FC Augsburg, the record champions are only fifth in the league after seven games. The Bayern bosses are said to have identified three major problems, and the players are said to have criticized Nagelsmann.

Noisy sports picture Some stars are bothered by the “way in which Nagelsmann appears publicly after bad results”, so they would like the coach to be more self-critical. Again table football also reported that the recent personnel changes made within the game should “shake heads” in the team circle. The accusation: When it comes to lineups and changes, it is more about age and hierarchy than performance.

Bayern coach Nagelsmann: “I believe he can win two titles”

Rangnick is nevertheless convinced that Nagelsmann can turn things around at Bayern: “He proved last year and at the beginning of the season that he can not only lead the team, but also let them play exciting football. After that Robert Lewandowski’s departure will take a little time, and they had enough chances to win all four games.”

In addition, Rangnick is certain that the results at Bayern will soon be right again. “Last year it was the championship title, so there was a feeling of dissatisfaction because there had to be at least two at Bayern. I believe Julian is capable of that this year – champion and cup winner,” says Rangnick.

“The gap in the league mustn’t get too big. But there are still only seven games left and I’ve always said the table will only be meaningful for me after ten games,” continues Austria’s current team manager. “The Champions League is more important, of course. But I have a lot of confidence in them if they continue like this.”