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FC Bayern – Robert Lewandowski talks about moving to Barcelona: “Exactly right”



FC Bayern - Robert Lewandowski talks about moving to Barcelona: "Exactly right"

Robert Lewandowski has not regretted his noisy move from Bayern Munich to FC Barcelona to this day. “I’m very satisfied, the step was exactly right. We feel very comfortable with the family, have a very good chance of winning the championship with Barca, that was our goal,” said Lewandowski in an interview with the sports picture.

It was clear to him “that I wouldn’t immediately come up with goals like Bayern,” said the Pole, but his role at the top Spanish club is now different: “I’m supposed to help develop a team, lead young players, bring in more mentality.”

In the summer he simply noticed that he would lose “the fun and joy” if he stayed longer in Munich: “I was in Germany for a long time and was curious to learn another language and to develop myself further. “

The Catalans are leading the Spanish championship with confidence, and there is still a chance for the title in the cup. It still takes “two or three pieces of the puzzle for the club to function like FC Bayern has for years,” said the Polish national team captain: “Then more is possible in Europe.”