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FC Bayern – Sadio Mane: “I don’t see myself as a world star at all”



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Bayern Munich’s million-dollar transfer Sadio Mane firmly rejects any star cult. “People say that about me, but I don’t see myself as a world star at all. I can’t do much with such terms. I’m only interested in being part of the team. I’ll do everything for that,” said the 30-year-old to the club magazine 51

Rather, he wants to “go to the limit for his teammates: score goals, provide assists and win games. I’m here to do my absolute best for Bayern Munich,” stressed Mane.

The expectations of Africa’s footballer of the year, who switched from Liverpool to the record champions for up to 41 million euros, are high. But he is now “an experienced player. I know how to deal with this kind of pressure,” said Mane. “For me, the expectations are motivation, that pushes me tremendously. Ultimately, it helps me and the whole team to achieve our goals.”

The international from Senegal found the Munich motto “Mia san mia” very appealing. This means “that the team always comes first. Working together counts, not the individual. That’s what makes FC Bayern so special.”

According to Mane, he can “identify with this philosophy very easily because I am firmly convinced that this is the way to success. Identification is the key. That’s why I didn’t hesitate a bit when I had the opportunity to move to Munich.”

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