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FC Bayern – Sandro Wagner talks about Thomas Müller: “He’s a creep”



FC Bayern – Sandro Wagner talks about Thomas Müller: "He's a creep"

Sandro Wagner defended Thomas Tuchel for dealing with Thomas Müller. At the same time, the former striker revealed himself to be an absolute fan of the FC Bayern legend.

“Tuchel is an incredibly good coach. If he says that Thomas Müller won’t play, then he has his reasons,” Wagner said Picture-Podcast “Bayern Insider”.

In the eight games since Tuchel took office, the 2014 world champion was “only” five times in the starting XI. Ironically, in the two quarter-finals in the Champions League against Manchester City, Müller first had to sit on the bench.

Tuchel is the boss and sees the 33-year-old every day, Wagner explained: “You can’t contest such decisions at all.”

Basically, the former Bayern player came out as an “absolute Thomas Müller fan”. You shouldn’t judge the Bayern legend according to parameters such as goal threat or speed.

“You have to see Thomas differently. And if you see him differently, then he’s still playing. Because he’s a link between offensive and defensive, because he’s a sneak,” said Wagner.

And the 35-year-old added: “Thomas is important in situations like now, where there is a lot of pressure. When you play with and next to him, you feel that he shoulders everything and has a certain lightness in turbulent moments. That’s why it is he is an enrichment for every teammate.”