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FC Bayern – Voting: SPOX users support the sale of Robert Lewandowski



FC Bayern – Voting: SPOX users support the sale of Robert Lewandowski

If the SPOX users have their way, FC Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski should sell this summer. That was the result of a voting on Tuesday.

We asked you what FC Bayern should do with star striker Robert Lewandowski, who is willing to change after his recent statements. And the majority of users participating in the survey (39.5 percent) spoke out in favor of a sale in the summer. The 33-year-old’s contract runs until June 2023.

The worst case for the Poles followed in second place (28.1 percent): FC Bayern should ban him to the stands.

After all, 18.14 percent of users were of the opinion that Lewandowski should be kept until the end of the contract despite everything.

10.69 percent voted for a transfer to the amateurs in the regional league – and at least 3.57 percent of the participants would like to “somehow” strive for an extension with the two-time FIFA world footballer

At the SPOXA total of 4,200 users took part in the survey.

FC Bayern: Lewandowski does not want to “force” a change

Lewandowski only spoke up again on Tuesday and opposite picture emphasizes that he does not want to “force” his departure. Rather, he emphasized that it was his wish to “take on a new challenge at another club for a few more years”.

“I have a contract, but I also tried to make it clear to the club how I feel,” added the goalscorer.