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FC Bayern – Yann Sommer talks about bad mood and his future



FC Bayern – Yann Sommer talks about bad mood and his future

The new Bayern keeper Yann Sommer wrote in the Swiss newspaper View talked about the current situation at FCB. He also spoke about his contractual situation at Bayern and Manuel Neuer’s return.

In the event of defeats, the atmosphere on the Isar is no different compared to other clubs, Sommer emphasized: “The atmosphere is bad, there is a lot of analysis and talking. The only difference is the whole picture: more people are writing about it and there are more experts their opinion.”

In general, it is “the fate of a Bayern player” that “everything we do is commented on and every stone is turned,” revealed Sommer. But he also emphasized: “It’s also a lot of fun to be with Bayern.” And the media attention after bankruptcies also has its good side: “The consequence of this is that you are trimmed for maximum success and you focus and concentrate even more.”

Opposite of sports picture On Wednesday, Sommer was already excited about the game against Borussia Dortmund on April 1: “It will be a ‘statement game’ in which you can show a lot in terms of self-confidence, emotions and the situation in the league.”

Meanwhile, he didn’t want to talk about his own future, especially after Manuel Neuer’s return in the summer: “I can’t answer that. I want to influence things here and now.” It was “never an option for me” to “only sign until summer. I was very happy about the contact with Bayern. I really wanted to go to Bayern. We’ll see about everything else.”