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FCB fans criticize Uli Hoeneß with a banner



FCB fans criticize Uli Hoeneß with a banner

FC Bayern Munich fans have criticized FCB Honorary President Uli Hoeneß.

On the sidelines of the Bundesliga game against 1. FC Union Berlin, a banner appeared in the southern corner of the Bayern supporters. It said: “If everyone decides for themselves, not everyone is helped, Uli. 50+1 remains non-negotiable.”

The FCB fans were alluding to Hoeneß’s latest statements. The 71-year-old had himself in the talk format new press recently spoken out against the 50+1 rule.

“We would be totally in favor of this regulation falling,” Hoeneß reiterated his well-known position there. The reason: This puts the Bundesliga “totally behind internationally. That’s why England is far ahead of us internationally”. Hoeneß also shot at the supporters of the regulation, calling it “hypocritical”.