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FCB loan player Malik Tillman causes a scandal in Scotland



FCB loan player Malik Tillman causes a scandal in Scotland

Malik Tillman, on loan from FC Bayern Munich to Rangers as Glasgow, caused a scandal in the Scottish Cup.

After the German-American was dealt treatment when the score was 1-1, opponent Partick Thistle threw in and tried to pass the ball back to Rangers.

However, Tillman went straight into the duel, rounded the opposing goalkeeper and shot in to make it 2-1. That caused quite a commotionbut Rangers coach Michael Beale then made a big gesture of fair play, urging his Rangers to let Thistle equalize unopposed – which they did.

After the game, the coach said: “It was a big misunderstanding. Malik got injured, went out and didn’t see that the ball was played extra wide. He didn’t see that Patrick wanted to give the ball back to us.”

It was therefore clear to Beale to give the opponent the 2: 2 immediately: “We want the best for the game and I didn’t think it was right to win a game in this way. Not at home, not against Partick Thistle and not in the trophy,” he said. “It was the right thing for football and upholding the standards of this football club.”

In the end, however, the Rangers celebrated. A goal by James Sands in the 86th minute brought the 3:2 and entry into the quarter-finals of the cup.