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For Lothar Matthäus, Romelu Lukaku is the only alternative to Robert Lewandowski



For Lothar Matthäus, Romelu Lukaku is the only alternative to Robert Lewandowski

Lothar Matthäus recommends FC Bayern Romelu Lukaku as the successor to Robert Lewandowski – and is looking forward to Sadio Mane in the Reds jersey.

For record international player Lothar Matthäus, Robert Lewandowski, who is willing to change, is still very questionable at FC Bayern. As a successor to the Pole, only one candidate would come into question for Matthäus: “I still see Romelu Lukaku as the only and ideal alternative for the Polish superstar,” Matthäus wrote in his sky-Column. However, it is questionable whether that will happen as Chelsea striker Lukaku is set to return to Inter Milan on loan.

Alternatively, Matthäus suggests a system change at FCB, in which coach Julian Nagelsmann “would have to do Guardiola, and Bayern play with three attackers, but without strikers”.

Matthäus does not see Sadio Mane as a replacement for Lewandowski. His transfer from Liverpool should be completed this week. “If you take it exactly, he plays on the left of Kingsley Coman’s place. Or are Bayern preparing for Serge Gnabry’s departure? If Gnabry and Lewandowski stayed, there would be an oversupply, because Müller, Sane and Musiala are still there “Said Matthew.

Mane’s upcoming commitment is “fantastic. And not just for Bayern Munich, but for the entire Bundesliga. It’s just great that such a great footballer will play in our league.” Mane is an “exception and difference player” and delivers constant goals and assists: “He is also a wonderful ambassador of football for Senegal and didn’t just shoot them for the World Cup.”