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Franck Ribery defends Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane



Franck Ribery defends Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane

The former Bayern star Franck Ribery put himself in front of the two national players in the discussion about the lack of discipline of his successors Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane.

“The players also have to have fun, laugh, live. Please don’t forget: The players are people, they need a life and an everyday life outside of football,” Ribery said when asked about Gnabry’s trip to Paris Fashion Week sports picture.

Ribery emphasized that he would “not fundamentally condemn such a trip. I always knew: When can I have a good time – and when not!” Said the Frenchman, who played in Munich from 2007 to 2019: “If you do it If you want to create at Bayern, you always have to do more than others. Nobody can waste their talent. You have to see the opportunity at Bayern Munich.”

Gnabry was recently in the headlines because he flew to Paris for Fashion Week on his day off, Sane was noticed by a missed bus departure. The performances of the two wingers also dropped on the pitch.

“I know that both can get better. There are many factors that influence a performance: body, head, environment. Players at Bayern always need this fire for the unconditional will,” said Ribery.

Ribery (39) ended his career with the Italian first division club US Salernitana in October 2022. The Frenchman, who initially joined the Italians as an assistant coach, is now aiming for a coaching career.