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Franck Ribery stresses “huge expectations” for Sadio Mane



Franck Ribery stresses "huge expectations" for Sadio Mane

Club legend Franck Ribery congratulates his former employer FC Bayern on the transfer of Sadio Mane.

“I can only congratulate FC Bayern on signing Sadio Mane,” said Franck Ribery in an interview with the sports picture and adds: “He’s a great transfer for the Bundesliga!”

The now 39-year-old Ribery, who is currently under contract with US Salernitana in Italy, played for FC Bayern for a total of twelve years between 2017 and 2019 and believes that his successor will work on the offensive.

Ribery: “The expectations will be huge, but I think Sadio will fulfill them. A good start will be important,” emphasizes Ribery, who is counting on the supporters of the record champions: “I know from experience: Bayern fans give you that Very easy start because they welcome every player with open arms.”