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Freiburg coach Christian Streich accepts an apology from Julian Nagelsmann



Freiburg coach Christian Streich accepts an apology from Julian Nagelsmann

Freiburg coach Christian Streich has accepted Julian Nagelsmann’s apology for his statement in the course of the mistake. The Bayern coach initially criticized Breisgau’s objection to the game rating.

“I thought it was good of Julian, because from his statements he obviously couldn’t assess the breadth of the topic, including in our club, and how complicated it was,” said Streich DAZN before the game against Frankfurt. “I think that’s a very good gesture, and that settles the matter.”

In FCB’s 4-1 win in Freiburg, Munich were on the field for almost 20 seconds with twelve men because Kingsley Coman had not left the field after Marcel Sabitzer had been substituted on. Team supervisor Kathleen Krüger accidentally displayed the wrong number for the Frenchman on the change board.

Freiburg then lodged an objection to the rating of the encounter – primarily to provide clarity in similar cases in the future. Streich saw the SC in “a dilemma through no fault of their own”. “It wasn’t about getting the points for us.” Instead, the “duty of loyalty must be followed, otherwise the board members are liable”. The protest was dismissed.

Freiburg objection: Nagelsmann shows no understanding at first

Nagelsmann initially showed no understanding for Freiburg’s approach: “I can’t understand why Freiburg is doing this – I wouldn’t have done it because you exploited a mistake made by a third party. Freiburg wouldn’t have scored two goals in those 18 seconds.” Streich then burst out saying it was an “absolute absurdity. Two make a mistake, not an insignificant mistake. And afterwards the third is the one who is then pilloried by certain people, sometimes by those who made the mistakes will.”

On the fringes of the game against Augsburg, Nagelsmann steered sky “In that case I made a mistake. I didn’t have the large dimension of the law, sports law, eV law on my screen and I didn’t understand it. I’m honest. Sorry to Freiburg, sorry to Christian. “