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Gladbach fans cause a scandal with posters against ex-sports director Max Eberl



Gladbach fans cause a scandal with posters against ex-sports director Max Eberl

At the home game against RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach fans reacted with ugly posters to ex-sports director Max Eberl’s upcoming move to the Saxons – and even almost provoked the game to be abandoned.

“Nobody here will ever forget where we came from and where you’re going. You characterless asshole!” read a poster for Borussia supporters during the game (3-0 to Gladbach). Another banner read: “A son-of-a-bitch association only hires sons of bitches.”

The stadium announcer then asked the fans to take down the posters and pointed out that referee Patrick Ittrich would otherwise interrupt the game. As a result, the game could have been abandoned.

According to media reports, Eberl has decided to join RB Leipzig. At the beginning of next year he is to officially start his job as Managing Director Sport. “It’s not quite that far anymore, we’re on the home stretch. I hope that we’ll have a final decision in the next few days,” said RB managing director Oliver Mintzlaff before the kick-off sky.

After the game, Mintzlaff emphasized loudly sports1that the reputation of the traitor Eberl was “not fair”. Talks were only held in the summer, several months after the resignation – and it took a lot of convincing to do so.

Kramer and Farke criticize Gladbach fans

Gladbach midfielder Christoph Kramer harshly criticized his own supporters. “We don’t need things like that 100 percent. It’s absolutely right that the referee made an announcement. We don’t have to talk about the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of RB Leipzig, but this is a football club like any other. That today had to do with pure hatred that doesn’t belong on any sports field,” he said after the game.

Coach Daniel Farke also found clear words: “Of course it’s a topic that has made waves in the past. A traditional club is emotional and sometimes overshoots the mark. Such a poster is out of place, then it is It’s also right if the referee reacts accordingly.”

The referee also took a stand and explained his actions. There is a “three-stage plan. First you interrupt the encounter, then the teams leave the lawn and go to the cabins and as a last step I would stop the game,” said Ittrich, adding: “Of course it has to be proportionate , but I have a relatively short leash when it comes to banners and such insults. This legal vacuum must be prevented both on the Internet and in the stadium and clear action must be taken.”

Rose “looks forward” to Eberl – and wishes for “objectivity”

The new Leipzig trainer Marco Rose is already “looking forward” to working again with Eberl, who once installed him as the foals’ coach. He also condemned the fans of his ex-club: “I would like to see a certain objectivity and not try to conjure up any crude conspiracy theories that are borderline.”

At the beginning of 2022, the 48-year-old resigned in Gladbach due to an exhaustion syndrome, and his contract has been suspended ever since. The Gladbach fan project had already accused him of “acting” in an open letter during the week.