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“Goretzka has been destroyed!” Mario Basler attacks Joshua Kimmich again



"Goretzka has been destroyed!"  Mario Basler attacks Joshua Kimmich again

Former Bayern professional Mario Basler has taken Joshua Kimmich to his chest again. The appearance of the Munich leader would also have a major impact on Leon Goretzka.

“I have the biggest problem with Kimmich,” said Basler in his all-round attack sports1-One-two and continued: “The bad thing is that he wants to do everything. There’s a big difference between you having to and wanting to do it.”

Regarding FC Barcelona’s interest in Kimmich’s commitment, Basler said: “If it were the case that Kimmich had an offer from Barcelona and three players were offered for exchange, I would drive him there with the wheelbarrow. I’ve been saying that for weeks and months yes. Kimmich is a good kicker, a really good kicker, there’s no discussion about that, but Kimmich doesn’t do his job that he has at Bayern.”

Basler alluded to the ongoing discussion that Kimmich was not a real six and that he would be better off a little further up. “He would love to score another goal up front. And in midfield, who plays next to him, is the poorest sow in the game because he’s only going back and forth.”

And further: “If I see Kimmich running from one corner to the other, I’ll have a circulatory collapse at home. I wouldn’t let him shoot a corner anymore. He should focus on the task that a six has focus.”

Joshua Kimmich the reason for Leon Goretzka’s form?

In addition to Kimmich, Leon Goretzka in particular has recently been criticized, who has mostly played alongside him in recent months. The interaction in particular raised big questions. Such that another player is to be signed for defensive midfield in the summer.

According to Basler, the blame for Goretzka is inappropriate. “Nine months ago Goretzka was in outstanding form, he played outstandingly. People always said: The dream duo at FC Bayern are Kimmich and Goretzka,” he said and added: “Goretzka was destroyed because every time, although Kimmich played worse than Goretzka, Goretzka substituted, and Kimmich was allowed to continue playing his shit.”

Basler ended his fire speech with the following words: “As a coach, I would just explain Kimmich very clearly what he has to do and what he has to do. Again: Kimmich is the one who runs around the whole place, just not there when he is needed because next to Kimmich, Goretzka is the poorest pig and is substituted every four minutes.”

Basler has not been particularly good with Kimmich for some time. Among other things, he had already sharply criticized the national player in his podcast “Basler ballert”.

Despite FC Barcelona’s flirting offensive and the discussion about his role, FC Bayern is still planning with Kimmich. He is said to be taking over from Captain Manuel Neuer.

Kimmich also enjoys full confidence under coach Thomas Tuchel. His contract in Munich runs until 2025.