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Hans-Joachim Watzke on the defeat of FC Bayern, Markus Söder and the future of Marco Reus



Hans-Joachim Watzke on the defeat of FC Bayern, Markus Söder and the future of Marco Reus

Before the game against Eintracht Frankfurt, Hans-Joachim Watzke spoke about the defeat of FC Bayern Munich, Markus Söder and the future of Marco Reus.

Regarding a new contract from Reus, Watke announced a timely decision. Most recently, the adviser to the BVB captain, Dirk lever, denied the reports that an agreement would already exist.

BVB: Hans-Joachim Watzke on …

… the reaction after the Stuttgart defeat: “At first probably like everyone else, but by the second day at the latest I should start being analytical again in my position. If you concede three goals, then that’s one thing. But if I concede all three goals and know The fact that I don’t have all three central defenders that I have, and we have three good central defenders, is not on the pitch, at least not as an alibi for oneself, but also as an analysis. We have them here today.”

… the Bayern defeat and whether he would have believed it beforehand: “I wouldn’t have been completely blown away, I already knew that. I know that it was a difficult game for Bayern today. They had a difficult game against City on Wednesday, so you know what it’s like mentally what triggers it physically and I know that Mainz are very, very strong at home. So it wasn’t entirely to be expected, at half-time I also had the feeling that they were swinging it home.”

… the emotions that Bayern triggers in him: “Doesn’t trigger anything for me. My job is Borussia Dortmund. Of course it also depends a bit on Bayern Munich. If Bayern Munich didn’t exist, we would have won the championship seven times in the last ten years. But nonetheless, BVB is my topic and not FC Bayern.”

… the emotions that the table situation triggers in him: “It all triggers me, but the question was what does Bayern Munich trigger in me. But it’s clear that I’m feeling more pressure at the moment than I’ve always felt anyway. We also have a lot in common this week done, talked together, we met on Monday. Sebastian, Edin and I thought about what we might do a little differently than usual this week. We did a lot. What, we don’t need to tell you now.”

… Markus Söder and whether he has his number: “I have it. I know what you’re getting at now and I don’t forget that Markus Söder was one of the people who helped us a lot here and the league during the Corona times I also said something about it, but that was relatively neutral. But the fact that it triggered certain associations was also clearly intentional, of course.”

… a conversation after the 3: 3 in Stuttgart: “We sat together on Monday and said, now is exactly the point where we say, we always wanted to be German champions, but now we’ll say it too. We discussed it like this and then we implemented it like this.”

… Marco Reus and a decision: “I think in the short term. I think a week, ten days. I don’t give any tendencies, no water level reports. Extremely deserving player at BVB. I’m always pretty anti-cyclical there too. When many people beat you up, then I always try to take a different position.”