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“He talks such shit!” Referee Deniz Aytekin freaks out



"He talks such shit!"  Referee Deniz Aytekin freaks out

Ex-referee Manuel Gräfe has been causing upsets for weeks and months with his statements about his ex-colleagues. After the game between FC Bayern and RB Leipzig (1: 3), referee Deniz Aytekin burst his collar in the catacombs. He apologized for it on Sunday.

“In this stadium nobody talks about the referee. Nobody! And Manuel Gräfe sits in Berlin with his 180 kilos and talks such shit,” Aytekin rumbled.

Specifically, in Munich it was about a scene in front of the Leipzig goal to make it 1-1, which was preceded by a slight hold on Leon Goretzka. Gräfe basically criticized a clear line and the use of the VAR via Twitter. Overall, however, Aytekin is probably more likely to have gotten on the nerves of the 49-year-old’s frequent interference.

“It’s slowly going against the grain for me. It’s crazy,” said Aytekin after a request from the ZDFwanting to talk about the scene, continues: “And then I’m supposed to stand up and tell some shit about a pluck. It’s crazy, it has nothing to do with sport. The game was decided by the players. I’m at 180 sorry.”

Aytekin even disrupted an interview with Thomas Müller with his rant – and apologized for it. “It’s all good, I like to listen,” said the Bayern professional with a smile and later said: “I experienced a scene with Mr. Aytekin when he was very 180 because the referee experts were probably criticized from outside that it might have been a foul on Leon Goretzka.”

Aytekin apologizes: “That was completely over the top”

On Sunday, Aytekin apologized for freaking out, saying he was “freaked out”. “I would like to apologize very clearly for the choice of words. That was completely over the top. I am very angry with myself and the choice of words,” said the 44-year-old Picture and announced a donation of 5000 euros for a good cause as penance.

Gräfe was technically a top referee. But now he is “waging some kind of war against the DFB and someone responsible,” said Aytekin. This should not be at the expense of the currently active referees.