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Hertha BSC – Axel Kruse criticizes Lars Windhorst: “It’s really sick”



Hertha BSC – Axel Kruse criticizes Lars Windhorst: "It's really sick"

Ex-captain Axel Kruse sharply criticized Hertha investor Lars Windhorst for his words about President Werner Gegenbauer.

“Since when does the investor decide who is president or who is not?” Kruse said RBBpodcast “Capital Derby” on Monday, responding to Lars Windhorst’s words on Sunday.

“It’s not about bringing about the sporting success of the club, it’s about staying in power. There are cliques and cliques,” Windhorst added image-TV said about Hertha’s President Werner Gegenbauer: “It is clear to me that as a person I can no longer and will not work with Mr. Gegenbauer.”

A no-go for Kruse: “The investor doesn’t choose the president here. I find it shocking that the investor stands up in times of 50+1 and says he doesn’t work with him, only with everyone else who supports him is comfortable. If he doesn’t like it again, he gets a new one. That’s really sick.”

Gegenbauer himself tried to steer the subject from the investor’s statements to the sporting: “Our club can only take note of these statements by Mr. Windhorst at the moment. In this difficult sporting situation, we have promised the coach and team to do these things in the coming crucial weeks not to discuss in public.”

As soon as relegation is secured, Gegenbauer will explain Hertha’s point of view “clearly” and actually comment on Windhorst’s investment.

Kruse: “He’s stupid too”

Axel Kruse, who, according to managing director Bobic, is supposed to “support the traditional club in terms of communication”, defended the president and also focused on the sporting aspect: “Instead of being happy about the victory, this whistle sits down and pulls from the leather and does everything broken again. He’s been around the corner with every shit for months, it’s unbearable. He wants to take over the club completely.”

Kruse’s allegations suggest that Windhorst Gegenbauer wanted to exchange with a “lackey” and depose Ingo Schiller as chief financial officer in order to “get access to the money”. Kruse: “With the performance he exposed himself even more.”

Kruse estimates that most Hertha members would prefer to be relegated instead of handing the club over to Windhorst: “So he’s still dumb too. There are many critics of Werner Gegenbauer. I think now he (Windhorst , Editor’s note) brought quite a lot to Werner Gegenbauer’s side.”