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Hertha BSC: Lars Windhorst’s shares according to the report before foreclosure



Hertha BSC: Lars Windhorst's shares according to the report before foreclosure

According to a report by Business Insider Lars Windhorst is said to have indirectly pledged his shares in Hertha BSC to a bank in the Netherlands. Now the company that owns the shares is said to be facing foreclosure. The Windhorst side comments on the processes at SPOX and GOAL.

The report of Business Insider According to the report, shares in the company Peil Investment BV, in which Windhorst is said to have parked his shares in Hertha BSC GmbH und Co. KGaA, were pledged as part of a loan agreement and not repaid on time in mid-2020.

After Windhorst did not repay the said loan on time, a district court in Amsterdam is said to have decided on the foreclosure sale in April 2021. At the end of last week, the notary entrusted with this is said to have contacted Hertha BSC by e-mail.

Windhorst spokesman: “Notary letter was a mistake”

On request from SPOX and GOAL, the Windhorst side has the dated Business Insider process described denied. “The Peil Investment shares are neither pledged nor threatened with foreclosure,” said Windhorst spokesman Andreas Fritzenkötter.

Fritzenkötter continues: “The von Business Insider The process described does not correspond to the current facts, but has long since been settled. The notary’s alleged confirmation that he had initiated preparations for the foreclosure sale does not exist. We know from the Noerr law firm that the notary immediately withdrew his letter on this matter as a mistake and mistake.”

So far, Hertha BSC has not issued a statement on the current reports. The partnership between Windhorst and Hertha BSC has not been auspicious so far. Most recently, Windhorst made allegations against the Hertha executive committee led by Werner Gegenbauer. With the current report, the cooperation takes a new turn.

Windhorst has invested around 374 million euros in Hertha since joining in 2019. He currently holds 66.6 percent of Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGa, which is threatened with relegation.