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Hertha BSC: Progress in the planned new stadium



Hertha BSC: Progress in the planned new stadium

In the search for a location for the new Hertha BSC stadium, the Berlin Senate brought up a new possible building site. However, the club in the capital would have to make compromises in terms of spectator capacity on the proposed site.

Hertha’s sports director Fredi Bobic reported positive talks with the Berlin Senate and signaled a general willingness to compromise. “Once you have your own stadium, you can be happy. Whether you have 45,000 or 55,000 in it afterwards is not the decisive factor. It’s that you have your own stadium and your own home,” emphasized Bobic at a press conference on Friday.

The Berlin sports senator Iris Spranger (SPD) proposed an area north of the Maifeld near the Olympic Stadium this week. “We still have a lot of open space on the edge of the Maifeld where you could put a smaller stadium,” said Spranger rbb. For larger games, Hertha could still switch to the Olympic Stadium.

However, the property on Friedrich-Friesen-Allee is still home to an equestrian club. However, the equestrian club felt surprised by the proposal and ignored in the discussions, as if from one rbbreport emerges.

Bobic explained that the idea for this new possible building site was brought to the club. You will now think accordingly, said Bobic and emphasized: “Then there will certainly be talks with everyone. Nothing will be taken away from here. You can be sure of that.”

Hertha BSC: New stadium if possible in the Olympic Park

Hertha has been planning a new stadium for years and is looking for a suitable building site, which should be in the Olympic Park if possible.

“It’s very clear that we want our own stadium,” emphasized Bobic. “It’s also very important for our supporters. But that’s the future. There’s still a lot ahead of us. We’ll definitely have a few more talks.”