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High time to make the DFB responsible



High time to make the DFB responsible

SC Freiburg has appealed against the rating of the Bundesliga game against FC Bayern (1:4). This protest is not promising, but it is still correct – because the DFB sports court should not shirk responsibility for this strange mistake. A comment from SPOX editor Stefan Petri.

It was a bit of a surprise that SC Freiburg decided on Monday evening to appeal against the 4-1 defeat in the league game against FC Bayern.

Several experts, from referee Felix Zwayer, who was on duty as VAR on Saturday afternoon, to referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich and DFB referee instructor Lutz Wagner, were responsible for the change error, which led to exactly 16 seconds overtime had led for Bayern, prescribed by referee Bastian Dingert.

From a purely sporting point of view, the oddity had no real impact on the game anyway: the record champions led 3-1 a few minutes before the end, the numerical majority neither gave the guests a chance to score nor prevented the Freiburg team from doing the same – and the replaced Kingsley Coman didn’t even get the ball. One could speak of a chain of unfortunate circumstances brought about by the carelessness of several protagonists.

So, in the end, are Freiburg just bad losers?

No. Rather, it is good and right that the club made this decision, even if it will not be met with approval everywhere. It is high time that the DFB took responsibility in this matter.

DFB sports court passes the buck to Freiburg

“Otherwise the sports court would have to take action every weekend for every referee error,” said DFB instructor Wagner in an interview SPOX and GOAL establishes the practice of only acting on official objections. This is understandable in itself, not every missed penalty and distributed yellow card then has to be negotiated at length.

Only: the case is not that simple this time. When half of football Germany discusses for two days which paragraph should be applied in this case, there is obviously a need for clarification – not to mention the question of what would have happened if Nico Schlotterbeck hadn’t promptly responded to the 23rd player would have pointed out to the lawn.

“We will note this in the match report, the DFB will decide everything else,” Dingert explained after the game. In view of the justified public interest, the association could have gone ahead and launched an investigation of its own accord, it might even have been possible to close a gap in the regulations.

Instead, he remained silent and stuck rigidly to a procedural rule that forces the sports club to take an “active role” and ultimately “responsibility for processing an obvious violation of the rules”, as he aptly stated in his statement. In plain language: The buck always lies with the club.

Freiburg has nothing to lose – but a lot to gain

All the better that the people of Breisgau, after careful consideration, are not deterred by this fact. Even if, as sporting director Jochen Saier and trainer Christian Streich will be aware, the chances of success are negligible.

SC Freiburg has nothing to lose. In the best case, however, three points can be won, which at the end of the season could decide on participation in the Champions League and thus income in the eight-figure range. It can only be to the advantage of the league that the processes are carefully examined again.

And what about playful sympathies? The SCF as an unsportsmanlike paragraph rider? This criticism should – and should! – keep within limits, after all, the people of Freiburg are the only protagonist in this matter 100 percent blameless. And: One or the other should even give the sports club credit for the fact that a supposed Bayern bonus is being put to the test again…