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“I don’t wear a lot of bling-bling”



"I don't wear a lot of bling-bling"

Leroy Sane no longer sees himself as a glamor professional. He hopes that he’s out of the bling-bling category, “because I don’t wear a lot of bling-bling.

The fact that I wear a little more unusual clothes is because I just like trying out new and different things,” said Sane im table football-Interview. But it’s not like “I want to be seen as a glamor figure”.

The public puts you in a drawer, according to the former Schalke player: “But I don’t make sure that I always look good. I don’t care at all. What counts for me is what happens on the pitch.” Years ago, Sane caused a stir when he came to the national team’s meeting point with a graffiti coat.

Sane (26) now feels very comfortable at FC Bayern after initial difficulties. “It was a bit difficult last year with Corona and the after-effects of my cruciate ligament rupture. It took a season. Now I’m in top shape. So I can say: Yes, I’ve arrived one hundred percent,” he said.

In the meantime he also feels “the recognition of the fans, that’s all the nicer”. For a while, Sane was quickly the scapegoat for many supporters at Bayern, but also in the DFB team. “Of course it doesn’t leave you cold. I’m just trying not to let it get to me too much. Because I know what I can do,” said the offensive player.

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That’s why he “didn’t let himself be misled. I believe in myself and don’t let myself be intimidated. You often get whistled at when you’re away from home, which gives me an extra push.”

Sane was targeted by his own supporters on the second day of the game in the home game against 1. FC Köln, where he was substituted at half-time due to his poor performance. “At that moment I was angry, but at myself and at my performance, not at the fans,” said the left-footed player, who now has 12 goals and 13 assists in 28 appearances.

A yield with which he theoretically approaches major prizes at an individual level such as the Ballon d’Or. The number 10 in Munich apparently hardly thinks about it. “I’m not putting myself under any pressure. You can only win trophies like this if you perform well throughout the season. It’s no use dreaming too much, I have to perform,” said Sane.