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Influencer El-Jindaoui causes fan madness and cancellation of the U23 test



Internet star El-Jindaoui paralyzes online shop

Hertha access Nader El-Jindaoui caused an unexpected rush of fans during a test of the Berlin U23, including the game being abandoned. A proud 2347 spectators came to the game against Oberliga Tasmania on Saturday – almost everyone just wanted to see the 25-year-old offensive player, who is an Internet star. Shortly before the end, many supporters stormed the pitch and the game was not kicked off.

El-Jindaoui has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.6 million followers on Instagram, the influencer lets his fans take part in his life with his wife Louisa and their small child on the Internet. “What was that day, I just can’t get it. This feeling of seeing you all – I had goosebumps the whole time,” he said on Instagram in the evening.

El-Jindaoui came on a free transfer from Berlin AK in the summer. After the game he was ready for signatures, and there too the enthusiasm was huge. “I’m a bit sad that the police stopped it, 99 percent behaved. But everyone has to behave so that everyone gets their photos. I was ready to stand there until tomorrow morning. I know you you came from far away, I will never forget that,” said El-Jindaoui.

In league games in the Regionalliga Nordost, Hertha’s second team had an average of almost 400 spectators last season.