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Is Julian Brandt Jule Brand’s brother?



Is Julian Brandt Jule Brand's brother?

BVB player Julian Brandt and national player Jule Brand share almost the same name. But are the two related? SPOX clarifies.

For Jule Brand, the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand is the first major event of her national team career, in which she will very likely play a major role.

At the beginning of her DFB career, the question quickly arose whether she was related to national player and BVB professional Julian Brandt or even his sister. After all, both have a similar name.

SPOX reveals whether Julian Brandt is Jule Brand’s brother or whether they are related to each other in several ways.

Is Julian Brandt Jule Brand’s brother?

A closer look at the names reveals that the spelling differs slightly (with or without a t). Therefore, the answer to the question of whether Julian Brandt is Jule Brand’s brother or whether there is another family relationship is quick and easy: No.

Jule Brand recently revealed that she was already confronted with the assumption. “Especially after I played my first international match, the question often came up: Is that Julian Brandt’s sister?” sky-Format My story: “It doesn’t happen that often anymore.”

In addition, the national player explained that she does not even know the Borussia Dortmund player personally. The 20-year-old still has a brother who plays football professionally.

Felix Brand, who is a good year and a half older, was under contract with the third division club FSV Zwickau from 2021 to 2023. For the new season, he earns his money with the upper division club TuS Mechtersheim, to whom he was already on loan in the second half of last season.

World Cup 2023: is Jule Brand in the Germany squad?

As expected, Jule Brand has made it into the provisional squad for the German women’s national team for the upcoming World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The final squad will be announced after the friendly against Zambia on July 7th.

Brand does not have to be afraid that she will be dropped from the squad. She played in all six games at last year’s European Championships and came off the bench in four games. In the semifinals and in the lost final, Brand was part of the starting XI.

Brand also has a good chance of regularly being in the top eleven at the upcoming World Cup.

Women’s World Cup 2023, Germany: The schedule of the DFB team

Date Time (CEST) team 1 team 2 Location
Mon, July 24, 2023 10.30 a.m Germany Morocco Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne (Australia)
Sun 30 July 2023 11:30 a.m Germany Colombia Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney (Australia)
Thu 3 Aug 2023 12.00 p.m South Korea Germany Brisbane Stadium, Brisbane (Australia)

Women’s World Cup 2023: dates and schedule

The World Cup in Australia and New Zealand starts on July 20th. The final takes place exactly one month later on August 20th.

game round Date
group stage July 20 – August 3, 2023
round of 16 August 5-8, 2023
Quarterfinals August 11-12, 2023
semifinals August 15-16, 2023
3rd place match August 19, 2023
final August 20, 2023