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Joshua Kimmich provokes the opposing fans after FC Bayern’s victory at SC Freiburg



Joshua Kimmich upset the Freiburg fans after the Bayern game.

Bavaria wins in Freiburg. Shortly after the game, however, victory is not the dominant theme, but Joshua Kimmich’s behavior.

Joshua Kimmich caused a pack to form and a lot to talk about after his Bayern Munich team beat SC Freiburg (1-0) on Saturday afternoon. After the narrow victory, the FC Bayern captain demonstratively cheered towards the Freiburg fans and thus provided a provocation. SC striker Michael Gregoritsch confronted Kimmich before referee Daniel Siebert intervened.

Things didn’t really calm down as a result, because Freiburg’s Lucas Höler, who scored the winning goal against Bayern in the cup game a few days ago, rushed to Kimmich and tackled him. Siebert immediately showed Höler a yellow card.

Kimmich went into the dressing room and was followed again by SC playmaker Vincenzo Grifo on the way there.

Höler complained about Kimmich’s action on Sky: “He should be happy about the three points and not provoke the opposing fans! It’s unsportsmanlike and unnecessary.” Freiburg coach Christian Streich said: “Obviously the pressure was so great that he did it. But you shouldn’t overestimate that. (…) We didn’t run into the Bayern curve on Tuesday, but maybe that’s it Something different for Bayern because they rarely lose.”

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel did not want to comment on what was happening: “I didn’t see that, so I won’t say anything about it.”

FC Bayern: Kimmich apologizes for provocation

According to AZ, Kimmich apologized in the mixed zone: “There were a lot of emotions, we lost a lot. It was a very important victory for us. The cup was deep. I let myself be carried away, that you don’t have to do it. You can see it that way that it was unsportsmanlike.”

Bayern got their revenge for losing the DFB Cup on Tuesday evening with a win at the Europa-Park stadium. Before Höler’s winning goal from the penalty spot, Bayern defender Benjamin Pavard had abused the penalty spot in the Allianz Arena. Because of this unsportsmanlike behavior, the Frenchman was whistled at every ball contact by Freiburg supporters on Saturday.

In addition, the home fans agreed to sing “Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin” several times.