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“Just play, Jamal!” Thomas Tuchel distributes kick-offs in FCB training



"Just play, Jamal!"  Thomas Tuchel distributes kick-offs in FCB training

FCB coach Thomas Tuchel was not consistently satisfied with the form of play in FC Bayern Munich’s first training session on Saturday at Tegernsee and let his players feel the same. According to a report by the table football Coach’s whistle.

“Paul, you’re sleeping! This is the third ball you’ve lost. Paul, wake up now!” Tuchel shouted at 17-year-old Paul Wanner after he had allowed himself a few slight ball losses.

“Stani, you’re making too many technical mistakes!” Was the announcement to Josip Stanisic. Jamal Musiala also had something to listen to: “Jamal! Just play, Jamal! It’s clearly the ball on Leon!”

In the meantime, Thomas Müller was apparently not particularly satisfied with the unit either: “Men, let’s continue, why are we stopping?” the veteran asked his teammates.

FC Bayern will be staying at Tegernsee until July 20th. The first test game of the season against FC Rottach-Egern is scheduled for July 18th. From July 24 to August 3, the “Audi Summer Tour” will then take place in Japan and Singapore.