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Karim Adeyemi: Bayern, BVB, Liverpool



Third goal in the Champions League: Bayern's transfer target Adeyemi also shocked Wolfsburg.

The sporting future of Karim Adeyemi should be decided in the coming weeks, Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and of course RB Leipzig are after the 19-year-old attacker. And Liverpool FC also beckons. But which club suits the national player best – and which one does Adeyemi suit?

Of course, the top European clubs have not only had Karim Adeyemi “on their slips” for a few months. Adeyemi has been playing in Austria and Liefering, Salzburg for a few years now: You can take a closer look when looking for young, highly talented players who are still capable of development.

So it can be assumed that they didn’t wake up recently in Munich, Dortmund, Leipzig, Barcelona, ​​anywhere in England or in another big league in Europe – but have been following a 19-year-old talent like Adeyemi for a bit longer and a bit more closely .

But what is actually important to the player? What framework conditions away from the field are elementary and how could it fit the various clubs, their current coaches and their idea of ​​football? A classification.

Adeyemi and RB Leipzig

The Red Bull cosmos must always be seen as a possible option for in-house players. And thanks to his footballing socialization, Adeyemi is only in Liefering in the second Austrian league and now in Salzburg completely on Red Bull football. Despite all the assurances, the decision-making paths between Salzburg and Leipzig are still very short and extremely intimate and Adeyemi’s ex-trainer and sponsor Jesse Marsch is now training in Leipzig, as it happens.

The big advantage would be this kind of franchise system that unites Red Bull clubs all over the world: a common understanding and philosophy of play, the total focus on young, athletically outstanding players who are quickly compatible with what is required in terms of content will. A Salzburg in a big way, you could say. The list of players who have already made their way from Austria to Germany is now long enough.

Marc Unterberger trained Adeyemi in Unterhaching for several years and is still today, alongside Haching President Manni Schwabl, one of the national team’s closest confidants and sporting advisors. “From my point of view, things like the expected basic order or the game system of a possible new coach would not be decisive – but the club’s DNA,” said the 32-year-old in an interview with SPOX and Goal. “I am of the opinion that Karim fits very well with teams that get along very well when it comes to switching moments. He is really predestined for this game.”

Adeyemi and FC Bayern Munich

The closeness to the family, the familiar environment, the prospect of lots of titles, the greatest of all challenges: FC Bayern per se is of great interest to Adeyemi. A return to Munich would come full circle. And the Bavarians would like to create space for another German player with outstanding skills, the potential of a public favorite and corresponding marketing opportunities. However, there are also a few question marks from a sporting point of view: Would the player really be ready enough for one of the largest clubs in the world with its enormous competition? Wouldn’t a move to Munich come a few years too early? And how could Adeyemi fit into the Munich scheme tactically?

The Salzburg 4-rhombus-2 seems like it was painted for Adeyemi, but Bayern usually play with two central midfielders, but only one “real” striker. Julian Nagelsmann is now pulling players like Leroy Sane from the wing into the half-lane and to the side of Thomas Müller in order to move up from there to the top and occupy the penalty area as a second wave. But on paper, Bayern have occupied two of their three offensive midfield positions on the wing – and Müller is in the center.

“Karim has a very strong goal force and an unbelievable nose in front of the goal,” says Unterberger. “That is why I would always bring him more central. Of course, it always depends on his partner in attack. In Salzburg, Benjamin Sesko has a large, rather powerful secondary player. He can create space for him or an extended ball in start the deep. ” In Munich’s current orientation, however, these strengths would only have little effect.

Mentor Manni Schwabl recently joined BildTV I also had slight doubts when it came to a visit to the Adeyemi website including consultant Thomas Solomon on Säbener Straße. “I was informed about the visit and of course a possible change was an issue. I don’t know whether it is the right step for Bayern or for Karim. It is often dangerous to take the third step before the second because they Height of fall is too great. “