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Karl-Heinz Rummenigge strengthens against FC Barcelona



Karl-Heinz Rummenigge strengthens against FC Barcelona

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge nudged world footballer Robert Lewandowski against his dream club in the transfer theater.

“I can’t imagine that you can currently win more with FC Barcelona than with Bayern Munich,” said the former Bayern boss Picture TV and said: “What more can Barcelona offer at the moment? I can’t think of anything to be honest.”

After the word of power from his heir Oliver Kahn (“Lewandowski stays, that’s that!”), he “can’t imagine” that the record champions “will give up Robert”, said Rummenigge – especially since the Pole still has a contract until 2023: “Oliver has shown: The door is closed!”

This is of enormous importance for Bayern, but also for the entire Bundesliga. “Robert is irreplaceable for FC Bayern. You need a player like that, even if he’s about to turn 34. That’s a goal guarantee that doesn’t exist anywhere in Europe. Robert is top class!” The league has already lost a top star in Erling Haaland and thus lost its radiance, “you have to pray that Robert stays, he is the absolute attraction of the league”.

Rummenigge: Mbappe deal “absurd”

How should Bayern do that? “You have to fight for it, talk to him and cuddle with the advisor,” said Rummenigge. Lewandowski is not a “riot maker” who provokes a farewell: “You have to include him in the inner workings of the club.”

Rummenigge is fundamentally concerned about the Bundesliga in view of the “absurd” deal between star striker Kylian Mbappe and Paris St. Germain. “Where is that supposed to lead? How does a Bundesliga club, even if it’s called Bayern Munich, want to keep up and remain competitive?” This is “an incredible task”. He was used to a lot, but with the sums rumored he “had a slight feeling of dizziness for the first time”.